Lion of Atenveldt

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Award Information
Blazon: a lion’s head
Type: Non-Armigerous
Founded: January 21st 1979 by Johnathan and Willow
Premiere(s): Gunwaldt Gulbjorn
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The King gives the Lion of Atenveldt to the person whose behavior, he feels, shows the highest ideals and values of the Current Middle Ages. Another expression is the person who “embodies the SCA” in the mind of the King.

This award is given once per reign and is a very personal choice for the King. The Lion of Atenveldt is a long-standing tradition in Atenveldt and a highly cherished award.


A medallion bearing a lion’s head. Traditionally the granting King has great personal involvement with the design and construction of the award.


Confers a Grant of Arms which bestows the title of "Honorable Lord/Lady". individuals are addressed as "Your Lordship / Ladyship".

Order of Precedence

The Lion is the Kingdom's oldest grant-level award so ranks above all other Commander awards in precedence, directly after Theigns and Bantheigns.


In Anno Societatis Thirteen, during the Reign of Their Royal Majesties Johnathan and Willow there was created an award known as the Order of the Lions of Atenveldt. Gunwaldt Gulbjorn was created Premier of this Order on January 21st 1979.

  1. There shall exist in the Kingdom of Atenveldt an award, known as the Order of the Lions of Atenveldt, which may be given by the King to that person whose behavior He feels shows the highest ideals and values of the Current Middle Ages.
  2. The members of the Order shall be styled as Lions of Atenveldt, Defenders of the Dream and shall be entitled to place the initials L.O.A. after their names.
  3. The insignia of the Order shall be a medallion bearing a lion’s head traditionally given by the granting King.
  4. Companions of the Order shall take precedence directly after Thegns and Bannthegns.
  5. Only one person may be admitted to the Order each Reign.
  6. Companionship in the order shall carry a Grant of Arms.
  7. The Principal and Protector of the Order shall be the King.
  8. Amendments to this Charter shall be made by the King of Atenveldt.
  9. The membership in the Order of all previous recipients is hereby confirmed.

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