What is an Officer?

As the S.C.A. is a volunteer organization, an officer is a volunteer who fills a particular role (office) for the organization. Society Officers fill Society-level roles, Kingdom Officers fill Kingdom-level roles, Baronial Officers fill Baronial-level roles, etc.... Some offices require Warrants, which are authorizations by the Society to perform certain functions, or roles, within the S.C.A. Kingdom-level and Branch Warrants are authorized by the Crown. All Officers must be paid Members.

According to the S.C.A. governing documents, an Officer is "A Society member serving in an appointed office as defined in Corpora, or as an appointed deputy in such an office, or in another office as may be defined by Kingdom Law, at any level of the Society, or in the role of organizer of a Society event (commonly referred to as “Autocrat” or “Steward”), or as a Territorial Baron or Baroness, or as Crown or coronet or heir to a Crown or Coronet."

Kingdom Offices

Greater Offices
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)
Earl Marshall
Web Minister
Minister Arts & Sciences
Additional Offices
Youth Minister
Media Relations
Social Media
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