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Dame Anita de Challis,OP
Resides: Barony of Twin Moons
Status: Active


Known in the SCA as Dame Anita de Challis, she is a Pelican. Currently serving as Kingdom Abacus Herald she is responsible for updating the Order of Precedence with new players and awards.


Heraldry tends to be a niche area of expertise in the SCA with several skillsets that need to be learned. Anita has been a herald in Atenveldt for over 10 years and has experience in the following

  • Write charters for awards and advice royals on content/names.
  • Manage the Order of Precedence for the Kingdom of Atenveldt and its baronies
  • Teaching new crowns and coronets about court reports and the OP
  • Design a device (using the SCA' visual rules)
  • Conflict check a device (in the SCA armorial)
  • Research a name plus citation (for people or awards)
  • Create submission paperwork
  • Herald a court (Kingdom and local)
  • Herald a Crown Tournament (and local)

Anita also loves the scribal arts - she has fine art experience using watercolor and gouache techniques, plus basic calligraphy skills.


Device Drawing

Anita runs an ongoing process that updates the Atenveldt OP with images of the Populace's arms. This ensures the blazons are shown correctly with uniform image size and web-safe colors. Through this process Anita has updated all the awards throughout the Kingdom and all the registered arms (currently 2,000+ images).

Southwind Archive

Part of Atenveldt's 50th anniversary (2020) is to digitize all available paper editions of the kingdom newsletters; these are the Southwind and Sunstruck (for Principality of the Sun). We have copies from 1973 through the present day. Anita is responsible for correcting images and ensuring they are optimized for web archiving.


Anita emigrated from the United Kingdom to Atenveldt (Arizona) and draws on her English heritage to develop her persona. Her lineage is from the north of England so she portrays a Norse persona with hints of Anglo-Saxon (because the jewelry is so cool).


Anita's record in the Atenveldt Order of Precedence