Awards for Historical Authenticity

Pilgrim of the Desert

The Pilgrim of the Desert is given to people who promote historical authenticity in the recreation of the Current Middle Ages.  Since the SCA is an immersive history group where we research and re-create pre-17th century activities, it is fitting that we recognize those who endeavor to create a high standard of authenticity in their dress, behavior, persona, and goods, in the feast hall, in their encampments, and on the field. (more detail)

Commander of the Pilgrim of the Desert

The Commander of the Pilgrim is given to someone who has a Pilgrim of the Desert and who continues in their outstanding promotion of historical authenticity. This is a very special award because only one may be given out per reign and the Crown puts a lot of thought into their choice.  The award includes a Grant of Arms and has a higher precedence than the Pilgrim of the Desert. (more detail)

Badges for Atenveldt Authenticity Awards

All Awards B. of Atenveldt Tir Ysgithr
Sun Dragon Mons Tonitrus Twin Moons
Ered Sul Granite Mountain