Awards for Groups

Scarabs of Atenveldt

This award is given to households or large groups that help the Kingdom continue to grow and be a better Kingdom.  The group may fly a pennon bearing, “Or, a scarab beetle vert and a bordure indented azure”, to be flown with the household/group banner. (more details)

Spear of the Sun

This award is given to fighting units or households who have demonstrated excellence in the art of war, both in teaching and in the use of traditional SCA style weaponry on the fields of combat.  The group may fly a pennon bearing, “Per pale argent and azure, in pale a sun in his splendor and two spears in saltire Or” the household or group banner. (more details)

Esprit de Corps

This award is given to the best-dressed and displayed Atenveldt war unit at the Estrella War, from any field of combat.  *This award is specifically for Estrella War attendees so the same unit can receive it more than once, in different years. The group may fly a pennon bearing “Or, on a pile between two compass stars azure a torch Or, enflamed proper” with the year the award was received. (more details)

Order of the Hearth & Horn

This award is given to those groups who add hospitality and merriment to our current middle ages. (more details)

Badges for Atenveldt Group Awards

All Awards B. of Atenveldt Tir Ysgithr
Sun Dragon Mons Tonitrus Twin Moons
Ered Sul Granite Mountain