Awards for Equestrians

Order of the White Stirrup

The White Stirrup is given to equestrians who serve the equestrian arts in the Kingdom.  Equestrian activities enhance the medieval pageantry at our events!  SCA pursuits include mounted combat, jousting with opponents with foam/wooden lances; and games such as jousting at rings, hitting the quintain, obstacle courses, and archery from horseback. The White Stirrup has the first level of precedence for Kingdom equestrian awards, above an Award of Arms. This award is given at three levels; the level is shown by the color of the ribbon with the award medallion. (more details)

The three levels are:

  • 1st level, blue ribbon
  • 2nd level, white ribbon
  • 3rd level, gold ribbon (highest level)

Black Chamfron

The Black Chamfron recognizes people for demonstrated excellence and skill on the Equestrian tournament field and in the Equestrian Arts.  These equestrians also distinguish themselves by showing leadership and honor on-and-off the equestrian tournament field; knowledge and practice of the courtly graces; consistent service to the Kingdom; and respect for the laws and customs of the Kingdom of Atenveldt.The award includes a Grant of Arms and has a higher precedence than the White Stirrup. (more details)

Badges for Atenveldt Equestrian Sports

All Awards B. of Atenveldt Tir Ysgithr
Sun Dragon Mons Tonitrus Twin Moons
Ered Sul Granite Mountain