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Brothers Crusadene 1.0.png

Badge for the Crusadine household, registered in 1986

Argent, a long Maltese cross nowy pierced gules and therein a rose azure."'

Brotherhood of the rose.png

Badge for the Brotherhood of the Blue Rose household, registered in 1985 Sable, a rose azure imbrued gules"

A personal recollection by Duchess Lyn Whitewolf[1]

If you study the cultural development of the SCA, you will find many groups from kingdoms to principalities, baronies, cantons, marches and households. One of the groups I find most interesting is the brotherhood. They have sprung up across the SCA for a number of different reasons. Some are as small as two great friends and others have grown to the magnitude of the Dark Horde.

I had the privilege of witnessing the birth of an early brotherhood in Atenveldt that grew to significant influence over the years. It began as a seed in the mind of a single man, Johnathan Crusadene Whitewolf (John).

The Concept

When we first joined the SCA in 1971, John and I experienced some stutter-starts as we searched for our place in this amazing organization. One night, we talked about what we really wanted in the SCA. John talked about how he felt about knighthood, and how it would be impossible to live up to that standard. After many hours of talking he finally determined that the quest was far more important than the attainment. He believed that it was more important to BE a knight than to be recognized as one. He was enormously proud of his membership in one of the largest brotherhoods in the world, the United States Marine Corps. He explained to me the pride he felt when standing guard. As his dream grew, he described a longing to stand vigil at the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The symbol of his dream became a simple red Latin cross on a white field.

The Heraldry

He rushed to his friend's house to discuss the heraldry. Master Ioseph (of Locksley) shook his head and explained to him that while he was welcome to wear the cross and he could register the name, the heraldry had been long associated with England, even though the St. George's cross enjoyed no official position within the kingdom. John had to settle for what he could get, and Ioseph registered the name and recorded John's intent to someday sit that vigil. 

A Knighthood

Since we were young and poor, I made him a tunic from a white sheet and red satin blanket binding.  John's closest friend in all the world at the time was Reynard of Foxmoor (Rick). As he told Rick of his dreams, Rick was caught up in the excitement and expressed his desire to be a Crusadene as well. His lady made him a tunic and the two stepped onto the field on February 17, 1973. They fought their best and greatly impressed the members of the chivalry that day. The following morning, His Majesty, Arthur of Lockhaven, chose to elevate both men to the Order of the Chivalry in a simultaneous ceremony. He felt it would not be right nor fair to recognize one before the other.

A Crown

The Brotherhood grew rapidly and strong.  About a month later, Reynard Crusadene of Foxmoor became the first Crusadene Crown Prince, but he would not be the last. Of ninety-one reigns, twenty-four have been lead by Crusadenes, including the current King (as of this writing). More have reigned as Prince. The order established many customs, including one of the earliest vigils in the SCA (if not the first). Johnathan Crusadene of Whitewolf did recognize Amayot of Aragon on December 17, 1976 after a long night of waiting. Amayot reigned as a Crusadene king himself in 1982.

The Brotherhood of the Blue Rose

In 1983, other participants who were not members of the order started to wear the device, so they placed the brotherhood into abeyance. Many of them established the Brotherhood of the Blue Rose at the time. More members were added.

In 1985, Johnathan registered the new name. He also worked on new and unique heraldry for the original brotherhood. He registered the name and new device in 1985, being "Sable, a rose azure imbrued gules"[2]

In 1994, his son Johnathan Crusadene Whitewolf the Younger achieved knighthood. At his ceremony, the Brothers Crusadene came out of abeyance. Many prefer to wear the original Latin cross, according to their history. However, the official device of the Brothers Crusadine is "Argent, a long Maltese cross nowy pierced gules and therein a rose azure." [3]

The Brotherhood of the Blue Rose continues to exist and thrive in its own right, sharing many members with the Brothers Crusadene.

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