Ruadhan Mac Aoidh OP
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Resides: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Status: Active
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Sable, a wagon wheel and on a chief argent three hourglasses sable (Registered).

Ruadhan Mac Aoidh became involved with the S.C.A. in 2000, when working with who would become his knight Donegal Buchanan until joining the Order of the Pelican in 2018. He lives in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr. Ruadhan is most known for his arts with Scribes.


Ruadhan Mac Aoidh is a mostly 10th century Rus

Household Affiliation

Eberhauer Landsknecht


Ruadhan’s Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Deputy Earl Marshal
  • Estrella War

  • Estrella War Deputy Merchant Coordinator
  • Barony of Twin Moons

  • Baronial Marshal
  • Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Minister of the List
  • Honorary Titles

  • Co-Captain of Queens Guard Elzbieta the Constant
  • Shield of Chivalry Barony of Twin Moons
  • Interests

  • Armored Combat
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Scribes
  • Leather work Costuming

    Q&A with Ruadhan Mac Aoidh

    Q:Is there a story of how you got your name?

    A:After I had been playing a few years I decided it was time to pick a name. Having been influenced by Gaelic culture for a while I looked at Gaelic names. I narrowed my search down to three names, so I then sent a mass text to my SCA friends. All but one came back with Rowan. One meaning for this is redhead, so it was fitting. I went to a herald and stated that this is what I want as a name. I was then told I couldn’t have Rowan. When asked why as I had seen a few on the OP I was told that there’s problems documenting it before 1800. I had done some research and pointed out two books written by 15th century monks that had a list of Irish kings. Rowan was the first. I was informed that the books were unknown to be the original or Anglicized version. Felling frustrated and determined I did more research and went to a different herald. I came up with pages of documentation on the spelling I have. Though I am slightly pronouncing the name wrong I still go by Rowan. It took me a while to learn to spell Rowan McKay as Ruadhan Mac Aoidh.

    Q:What drew you to your particular art(s)/science(s)?

    A:It really started with an injury. During a battle someone landed on, and hyper extended my elbow. The doctor stated it would take about 8 weeks to heal. Seeing as at the time I really only fought and drank I wondered what I would do with myself for nearly two months. Then I saw a post for scribal. I have drawn for as long as I can remember, so decided to see how it translated into painting. I did that for a while until I got my Blood of Fenris, and it was largely done in pen and ink. Mind was blown a bit as I don’t really enjoy painting, but I do like to draw. From then on most of my scrolls have been fine line ink, and I have been trying to better my skills. I still paint, but it’s a rare occasion.

    Q:How did you decide on this persona?

    A:It came as a mish mash really. I started off wearing late period Scottish and Irish. I didn’t care too much for a while, just made an attempt at being semi period. Later I had my name and device. Device could be UK, Italy, and Crusader depending on period. Then I bought my first set of new armor, and it was primarily French armor. I started to think how do I make a back story for this? After some research I rediscovered Normandy. Hmm a lot of elements I was already using was there, and I also had a reason to incorporate Norse/Viking. Viking clothing is very comfortable, and I am all about comfy.

    Q:Does your chosen persona affect how you play?

    A:Probably a little, but not too much. I like where I am. I like simple and functional. As stated before comfortable is good too. I can appreciate the hard work I see people put into their persona. I never really saw this as playing a character, so the outwards persona doesn’t really affect how I play.

    Q:When introduced to an SCA person you don't know, do you use your title(s)?

    A:I don’t think I ever have. I wear the regalia quite a bit, but I don’t really use my titles unless I am signing scrolls.

    Q:Your first event (date if you can remember it)

    A:I think it was Estrella 2000 or 2001. Pretty sure 2000, but not positive

    Q:Describe your heraldic device in layman's terms.

    A:Top third is white with three black hourglasses. Bottom two thirds is black with when I had to submit as a wagon wheel, but whenever I paint it the shield is an 8 spoke simple wheel. This is also the wheel of time.

    Q:One dress accessory you wish you had?

    A:Better pouch or shoes

    Q:What is your favorite accessory/item for the SCA that you do own?

    A:The spear my Knight Donegal gave to me when I was elevated.

    Q:One TOOL you wish you had for the SCA (either for A&S, or specific weapons, or, or, or):

    A:A drawing table

    Q:If I arrive at an event at 1pm, where will I find you?

    A:At most events either setting up, or marshalling the battle field.

    Q:If I arrive at an event at 1am, where will I find you?

    A:Unless there is something truly extraordinary going on, probably sleeping. I am old and Solar Powered at events.

    Q:Do you have NON-SCA hobbies, and what are they?

    A:Concerts. I am a big fan of live music. I also like to research religion. I have spent quite a bit of time researching religion. It’s not a topic most people like to talk about though.

    Q:Do you concentrate on one thing in the SCA or do you dabble?

    A:Main focus seems to be making scrolls, but I dabble in a lot of other stuff as well.

    Q:What is your favorite thing about this SCA?

    A:Probably a sense of purpose. I have a lot to do, and I am usually busy. Not too sure what I would do with myself at an event without a job


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