Richard Ironsteed

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Count Richard
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Resides: Barony of Atenveldt
Status: Deceased
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Quarterly azure and argent, a horse rampant sable.

We made it up as we went along. In 1968 I went to Worldcon in San Francisco. The SCA appeared there for the first time. It was then I was introduced to the SCA. I picked up the Known World Handbook and brought it back to the Valley of the Sun. I couldn't build up much interest, but shared the information with Mike Reynolds. In 1969, he suggested we start a branch. We were the first group that wasn't started by people who had lived in the Kingdom of the West.

I was part of building the initial group, martial activities, including the administrative duties of marshalling. As first king of Atenveldt, I enjoyed making up the fun as we went along. Those things of great tradition from the early days were really just having a good time. I was also the first herald of Atenveldt, long before we were a kingdom. I tried my hand at many things from helping make our first (infamous) trebuchet to making jewelry.


  • Chivalry
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  • Royalty

    What's in a Name

    My first name is the same as the one given to me at birth and the second, Ironsteed, was a hat tip to the motorcycle that got me around town.


    Richard's Order of Precedence

    Offices & Positions


  • Estrella War Promotion Coordinator 2009-07-24 to 2010-01-21
  • King 1971-01-16 to 1971-06-22

    Arts and Sciences

  • I made some of the first medallions for the Order of Light. They bore no resemblance to the medallions of today, but I was proud of them.

    Martial Arts

  • I accidentally won the first crown list in Atenveldt. I hadn't planned to fight and borrowed equipment in order to participate. I hadn't been paying much attention and was shocked to hear I was in the final round. My left-handedness was a considerable advantage. That is, until I met another lefty. After some of the longest fights in my experience, I went into the finals and I managed to best Ton the Traveler in the finals.

    Other Volunteering

  • I was involved in setting up and running all of our earliest events.

    In Memorium

    Richard passed away on January 13, 2022.
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