Ricchar Terrien the Goth

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Lord Ricchar
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Resides: Shire of Windale
Status: Active
Ricchar Terrien the Goth heraldry.png
er saltire azure and sable, a drakkar and a bordure embattled argent.

Originaly joined the SCA by random chance in an insipient shire outside of Loch Salann that would later become the Shire of Arrow's Flight (Provo, UT). From there traveled to the Glorious Solar Kingdom of Atenveldt and stumbled into being a founding member of the insipient Shire of Auroch's Fjord. Briefly moved to Caid and played in the Barony of Angels for a couple years. Later returned to the Shire of Windale and after much deliberation took the position of Marshall.

I love all styles of combat and aspire to participate and support all disciplines to the best of my ability. I am the current Captain of The Dragonwatch, an international mercenary unit currently serving contract to the Baron and Baroness of Starkhafn. At an event, if you cannot find me on the battlefield with my outfit, my usual haunts are at The Dragonwatch encampment, out doing constable rounds, or carousing off duty wherever the fire and music take me. Talk to me about; fighting, armouring, blacksmithing, brewing, carpenty and woodworking, sewing, cooking, archery, siege engines, brewing, the migrations of the Visigoths, and illumination. I know a bit and would love to know more.

What's in a Name

Ricchar Terrien the Goth, aka, "Captain-Lord Snowball"


Riccar's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions

In my earlier years I was a founding member of the now defunct Canton of Auroch's Fjord. I've been a Captain in the Varangian Guard and have many great friends and memories from it. I've traveled and attended major events in every Kingdom that borders Atenveldt at least once, so I can honestly say that I have defended every border of Atenveldt. I have fostered and supported new fighters though every step of my journey and take great pride when they come into their own in the society. I have recently been named Captain of The Dragonwatch and hold that position with great honor.

I received my Award of Arms from Their Majesties Morgan and Elizabeth of Atenveldt. I have served on the Baronial Guard for Robertach and Gyda of Starkhafn. I am the Captain of The Dragonwatch as well as the Marshal of Windale.


I like honesty and good whiskey. I dislike too many things to list, and I'll eventually get over those as well. I'm not allergic to anything, I just don't care for lima beans. As far as gifts go, company and song go a long way.


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