Otto Blauschild

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Lord Otto Blauschild
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Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Deceased
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Azure, a fret argent, a bordure ermine.

A History by Admiral Alex HE Mistress Alexandra de la Mer Verte, OP

Squire to Duke Arthur O’Flarrharty, previous champion to the Barony. Defender of DreamChaser, my personal champion. Defender Ladies, of small children, and lost puppies (including new fighters). Amazing at teaching armor making (took over after then Squire Casca gave up the armor shop for SD EVERY Thursday night in their homes). Half the kingdoms armor was made at either of those two shops in the early years.

Loved to fight with pole, sword and board. Worked tirelessly serving the barony and kingdom at large (EWs and baronial events).


Otto's Order of Precedence

Words from Lyn of Whitewolfe

If a Light of Atenveldt inspires a vision in your imagination, it may well be of a gentle giant carrying a lantern that spreads light wherever he goes. Otto Blauschild is the embodiment of that vision. Many a new fighter owed his beginnings to the assistance Otto gave in his armor workshop, open to all who needed it. While he served the Barony of Sundragon, he welcomed anyone who wished to come. As a cherished member of the barony, Sundragon honored him with membership in the Order of the Dragon's Fury, for excellence in the fighting arts, the Honor of Sundragon for toiling in service to the Barony, and the Order of the Dragon's Heart for consistent courtesy and courtly behavior. Baron and Baroness Theresa and Robert made him a permanent member of their court. He was a treasured friend to many and a beloved husband to Mistress of the Laurel, Dementia Eoda Blauschild.

Memorial Information

Dennis David "Otto" Denkeler finished the earthly portion of his journey as the sun set on July 13, 2005. Dennis was 44, a Marine Veteran, Construction Engineer, loving Husband and Father. Dennis is survived by his Wife Nancy, his Stepson Jason, Daughter Chrystal, Father Arthur and a very loving and extended family within The Society for Creative Anachronism.

A memorial Service will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2005 at 7:00pm at the Best Funeral Services on West Peoria Avenue in Peoria.

A Celebration of Life will be held at the home of Maestro Diego and Miastreas Deborah after the service. Bring your happy memories and best Otto stories to share.

From past legends Lord Otto Blaushield came forth to bear The Blue Sword shining bright.

Lord Otto was a man that is an inspiration for all of us to do better. His loss is a loss to honor, chivalry, courtesy, and that which is right for the Society.

Comments from Barony of SunDragon Yahoo List reprinted in the Chronus Draconum

Words go here, but won't. But must.
On this Earth, hearts that big, smiles that big, laughter that real, sincerity that other-worldly... words go here. Gods, That man, that big ol' heart of a man cut a wide swath on the battlefield and the lists. To have shared just a small part of his time here makes us all. Well. All . words. Right now, there should be more air to breathe in this Kingdom, cause that great ol' lug isn't using any, but I'll be damned if I can find it.
Good journey, Dad, Give Wolfy a hug for us.

It is rays of light filtered through rain (or tears) that make a rainbow. As far as I am concerned...our rainbow just lost the color purple.

Hands of strength
Moved wood and steel
Hear the bells
For they do peel
In his hands
A gentle flower
Even though
They are filled by power
Arms of strength
That gave bear hugs
I still feel
My heart is tugged
Passing of
A man of strength
Yet a man
Who gave such strength
Like the trunk
Of an old, large tree
He was there
For you and me
Anything that we request
He would do his level best
Fulfill our dreams, yes he did do
Hammers and scissors and leather too
Life's sweet caress
Has left this world
And carry forth
We will, we will

Otto has been a friend for a long time. One ofthe first people I met in the SCA, and it because of people like him that I love this game so much. The epitimy of gentily, kindness, and honor.

The shadow foretold of his coming, and the birds grew
silent as he neared. The earth would tremble with
every step he took and a great wind would rise with a
swing of his sword. At least that is what most people
saw when they first met Otto. Then, he talked to you,
and somehow you knew that he was your friend, and that
he would do anything for you, or anyone he knew.
Those of us who never had the pleasure of meeting this
gentle giant, you missed out, those of us who did....

This morning the world woke up with one less person,
This morning, Sundragon woke up with one less friend,
This morning, the Champions of Sundragon woke up with
one less brother,
We will meet again brother

We have all lost a true champion of the Dream today. Otto undoubtedly had a knack for always being near when people were in need of him. But more than that, I will always remember him for his straight forward manor, and for the ease with which he carried himself. His love for Atenveldt was always evident in his eyes. His good natured confidence was (and still is) an inspiration to me, and I am very proud to have called him brother!!!So farewell brother... and may our paths cross again someday.

Otto was one of those people for whom you would develop an immediate fondness, followed immediately by instinctive respect.

Lord Otto was something of a hero at Estrella XXI, pitching in well above the call of duty. The irony is that last year his dedication was visible. This kind and gentle man performed like that as a matter of course.

We have lost a mainstay of our Kingdom, an honorable Lord, a hard worker, a loving husband-- and a very good man.

Otto was simply larger than life. You could always count on Otto to be there and do what was needed, regardless of what it was or what it took.

A Call To Valhalla
Blessed Gods!
A Hero born to your halls this night,
by Valkarie Wings.
Keep watch over him as he watched us.
A Hero, Teacher, a Friend.
Blessed Thor, a mighty Warrior,
To Grace your Halls.
Dearest Loki, his patron God,
like you resourceful, and cunning.
Sweet Freya, a man much loved,
by men and women alike.
Hear my prayers and Guard him well!

This poem is but a small piece of my feelings for this man. I love him dearly, he will be missed.
Lady Mary O'Malley


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