Mary Margaret of Derby

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Mistress Mary Margaret
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Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Deceased
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Azure, a domestic cat passant to sinister Or.

A History by Admiral Alex (HE Mistress Alexandra de la Mer Verte, OP)

One of the founding Baronesses of SD, Original Mother of the Lost Tribe, owner of the Gilded Kitten (old open kitchen for the barony).

“Adopted” many of the new members to help them learn the traditions and rules in the SCA. “Mothers” in the Lost Tribe give “children” a braid of yellow, blue and white, tied with a colored thread at the bottom. Each “mother” had a different color at the bottom. The mothers camped together to share parental duties, and shared equipment.

Named the SunDragon (the Goodyear blimp!). Fed most of the kingdom the first few years (eggrolls rock!); clothed many of us as barter for work in the kitchen.

Dedicated that the SD awards be given in levels, so there were more awards to receive versus just one and done.


Mary Margaret's Order of Precedence


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