Johann der Becker von Aschersleben

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Resides: Shire of Windale
Status: Active
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Vert semy of annulets Or, three garbs one and two argent


  • He/Him


    General Info

    I first joined the SCA around 1990, Shire of Southmarch, Principality of the Summits, Kingdom of Antir. My first event was the local event, but I did not become all that active at the time.

    Resume Info

    While I was never interested in actually getting into armor, I still enjoy being out on the field and usually volunteer as a marshall for wars, other than that I am usually just helping out where needed or spending time with friends and the clan.


    My name literally means John the Baker from Aschersleben. That town has been in existence since the mid 700's, so it made a good place for my persona to grow up. Seeing as I was a cook for over 30 years, I wanted to add that experience to my persona and decided that I would be a German baker.

    The sheaves of wheat are there because I am a baker, and wheat is used to make flour. The semy of annulets is to honor the friend who got me into the SCA, but was killed in a car accident. He had those in his device. Green is my favorite color.


    I want to eventually get into target archery, but I have to wait for the world to open up again first.


    I am almost always helping out in the kitchen for feasts or pulling watch duty as well. I am not a person that really puts himself forward, but the person that is in the background taking care of the things that have to be done.


    Seeing as I am allergic to wine, I am a beer man when at war.



    Offices & Positions


    Event Staff