Isabelle Le Charpentier de Normandie

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Her Ladyship Isabelle
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Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Isabelle le charpentier de normandie heraldry.png
Per chevron azure and argent, two decrescents and a cross fleury counterchanged.

Isabelle started playing in 1992 and attended the Grand Outlandish, Kingdom of the Outlands as her first event. Her son was doing fencing at the time and she told her son to be on the lookout for the people she saw on the news who were doing fencing locally that would help him. They figured out where they were SCAdians that were located at the University of New Mexico and went to join them. They were invited to the Grand Outlandish from there. She saw the shiny armor and the three musketeers looking outfits and from there she was hooked.

Isabelle likes all the Arts and Sciences, but especially likes to make things, including garb, hats, designing and illuminating scrolls, miniature furniture building, beading garb, silk banners, embroidery, reverse glass painting, and block printing on garb.

Isabelle is a part of two households, Haven Avare of Barony of al-Barron, Kingdom of the Outlands and Manoir de la Blanche Fleur, Barony of Sun Dragon, Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Isabelle is belted to as an Apprentice to Dame Catherine of Cate Hall in approximately 2006. However, she is no longer playing and Isabelle is currently looking for a new Laurel. Isabelle is also Protégé to Dame Jepa Kajepa, who moved out of kingdom and is fostered to Dame Jacquelin de Normandie.

What's in a Name

Isabelle mundanely always wanted to be French and after some genealogy turns out she has some in her ancestry, however that was what fueled her to select a French persona. She had selected her surname of Normandie before she was invited to be a part of Manor Rose Household (which is Jacquelin de Normandie's household). Her great-grandmother's name was Belle Posten Carpenter and took on a version of that name to honor her. They would not accept Belle Charpentier, but she found out that Le Charpentier was Norman French. Le Charpentier was originally a trade name, but has become a hereditary name.


Isabelle's persona was born in Caen, Normandie in 1414. She was from a family that worked their way up as tradesmen to become landowners due to the hard work of ancestors that married well. She is 66 years old. Husband is the Marquee du Chambrai and is a landowner to guard against Allemange.

However, she also time travels to other periods and countries including Greek, Viking, Elizabethan, and Tudor.

Heraldry Story

Isabelle's heraldry is reflective of the two moons you see in the Middle East. The cross, of course, represents her faith in Christianity. It was designed by a member of Haven Avare for her because he knew her well and thought it fit her.


Isabelle's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions

Lady-in-Waiting to Kingdom of Atenveldt Queens

  • Queen Ilora von Neunhoff - May 2012 - November 2012
  • Queen Gabriela Juliana de Bordeaux - May 2011– November 2011
  • Queen Asa Hrafndotti - November 2008 - May 2009

    Barony of Sun Dragon Offices

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences - April 2014-2016
  • Deputy to the Minister of Arts and Sciences - October 2013-April 2014
  • Waiver Secretary - July 2013 –Feb 2016?
  • Chronicler for the Chronus Draconum - August 2010 -2012
  • Chatelaine - October 2007- October 2008
  • Deputy Draconum Chronicler - for Her Ladyship Jepa Kajepa - 2009 – 2010
  • Deputy Draconum Chronicler - for Lady Sorcha ingham Chon Mhara - 2007- 2009

    Lady-in-Waiting to Barony of Sundragon Baronesses

  • Baroness Valisa Alarsdottir 2020-Present
  • Baroness Jacqueline de Bretegne2017- 2020
  • Baroness Gwenffrey de Abervgavenny 2014- 2017
  • Baroness Viola de Carrara 2011- 2014
  • Baroness Theresa von Elp2008- 2011
  • Baroness Kathleen van Weye200- 2008

    Arts and Sciences

    Classes Taught

  • Provided Yarn, needles and instructions Knitting a small pouch for Tiffany to teach - Mixed Weapons War - March 2019
  • Provided extra stamps to aid Lady Aurora to teach. - Mixed Weapons War - March 2019
  • Prepared to teach Knitting and Stamping but no one showed on Wed. and Thurs. - Estrella War - February 2019
  • Brick Stitch Needle book, Beginning Knitting and Fiber Identification - Estrella War February 2018
  • Children’s Cross-stitch - Estrella War - February 2017
  • Silk Banner Making - Barony of Sundragon - January 2016
  • How to make a Truncated Flemish Hennin - Sundragon Baronial A & S - August 2015
  • Fiber ID Class - Barony of Granite Mountain A & S
  • Combined A & S Competition - Barony of SunDragon - August 2015
  • Beginning Knitting, Textile Identification & Fiber Burn Test, “What is this Gown called in What Century?” - Estrella War XXXI - February 2015
  • Beginning Knitting, Elizabethan Ruff Making, Fiber Identification Burn Test, “What is this Gown called in What Century?” - Estrella War XXX - February 2014
  • Silk Banner Making-taught in my home - Prep for Estrella War - January 2014
  • Beginning Knitting, Elizabeth Ruff Making, and Fiber Identification - Estrella War XXIX - February 2013
  • Silk Banner techniques by making silk flat fans - Highlands War - June 2010
  • Sights, Sounds and Smells of the Middle East - Estrella War XXVIII - February 2009
  • Fan Painting to learn techniques of silk painting for making silk banners - Estrella War XXVIII - February 2009
  • Silk Banner Making (in my home) - Barony of SunDragon and Kingdom - June 2008
  • Beginning Embroidery - Estrella War XXVII - February 2007
  • Illumination and Middle East Culture - Bi-Baronial University of Art and Sciences - July 2006
  • Children’s Cross Stitch - Estrella War - February 2004 & 2005
  • Children’s Heraldry - Estrella War - February 1997
  • Children’s Cross Stitch - Grand Outlandish - May 1996

    Competition Awards

  • Miniature 13th Century Gothic furniture. 1:6 scale for demo purposes - Atenveldt -September 2019
  • Textile Arts - Barony of Sundragon - June 2019
  • Best Embroidery of Chatelaine Contest - Barony of Sundragon Champions of Sundragon - October 2007
  • Populace Choice Award for Novice Entry - Kingdom A & S Competition Atenveldt, An Italian Ren. Ensemble - June 2007
  • Bejeweled Byzantine outfit - 450 pearls - made hat, collar, and dress - she showed up in this and WON - Mid-Winter - Barony of al-Barron - December 1992

    Competition Entries

  • Reverse glass painting of her arms - Barony of Sundragon Champion A & S - October 2017
  • The Making of Middle Ages and Renaissance Girdles - Barony of Sundragon A & S Showcase with documentation - August 2015
  • Gothic Wooden stool with Badge painted on it - Barony of Sundragon A & S Competition - June 2012
  • A Pilgrim’s Scrip or Purse - Baronial A & S - March 2012
  • Red wool Liripipe hood with Blanket stitch embroidery - Barony of Sundragon A & S - March 2012
  • Beacon of the Desert Scroll for A & S Competition - Barony of Sundragon A & S Champions - June 2011
  • The Knitted Coif - Barony of Sundragon A & S Champions - June 2011
  • The Chaperon Hood from 14th & 15th Centuries - Barony of Sundragon A & S Champions - June 2011
  • Making of a Stranded Knitted Laurel’s Pouch - Barony of Sundragon Baronial A & S Competition - June 2010
  • My five entries for Kingdom Champion Atenveldt -Hand sewn 15th C Burgundian Robe and Cotehardie, truncated Hennin, 15th C. collared necklace from Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, and Skyr - October 2010
  • The Monmouth Knitted Cap - Barony of Sundragon A & S - June 2008
  • Coat of Arms for Double-Belled Wedge Pavilion - Barony of Sundragon A & S - June 2008
  • Coat of Arms for Double-Belled Wedge Pavilion - Kingdom A & S - October 2008
  • A Three-quarter Circle CloakAtenveldt - Highland’s War XIV - August 2008
  • Creation of an Early Medieval Aumoniere, Embroidered with Spilt Stitch - Barony of Sundragon A & S - May 2008
  • Creation of a Scroll “The Smudge Judge Scroll” for a friend - Barony of Sundragon A & S Champions - May 2008
  • Creation of an Early Medieval Aumoniere Embroidered with Split Stitch - Atenveldt Estrella War - February 2008
  • Novice Entry -An Italian Renaissance Ensemble- Kingdom A & S Atenveldt - June 2007
  • Furniture Competition Gothic Bench Atenveldt -Estrella War - February 1999
  • Heraldry Competition - Painted small trunk with heraldry on lid - Atenveldt Estrella War - February 1996-1997?

    Showcases Attended

  • Displayed red Tudor gown - Estrella War - February
  • Displayed period sewing kit that she researched and created - Estrella War - February 2018
  • Displayed Monmouth Knitted Cap, knitted coif, and ?? - Barony of Sundragon - June 2009

    Published Articles

  • A & S edition of “Atenveldt Glorious” Atenveldt - “How to Distress Furniture” 2006 Edition
  • A & S edition of “Atenveldt Glorious” Atenveldt - “How to make a castle block room”



  • Lead the making of Wolf masks for Combat Stitchery - Barony of Sundragon Mixed Weapons War - March 2019
  • Serving Feasts - Barony of Sundragon Solstice - December 2017
  • Serving Pancake Breakfast - Barony of Sundragon Mixed Weapons War - March 2013 – 2017
  • Organized and supervised the stamping & stenciling of baronial walls - August 2007
  • Served Baronial Investiture Feast for Katheline and Ryan - Barony of Sundragon - May 2005
  • Judged the Dried Food Competition - Estrella War - February 1997
  • Worked gate at Grand Outlandish - Kingdom of the Outlands - May 1994-1996
  • Served Mid-Winter Feast with Haven Avare Household - Kingdom of the Outlands - December 1995
  • Worked gate - Kingdom of the Outlands Crown Tournament - May 1993
  • Worked Kitchen for Coronation Feast - Kingdom of the Outlands - November 1993

    Services to Others

  • Since the closing of in-person events due to the Covid Virus I have attended weekly Zoom meetings of the Barony of Sundragon Scribes. I think I have only missed one and continue to provide scrolls to the kingdom - March 2020-2021 to the present
  • I have help sew and paint Barony of Sundragon favors to be given to the Barony when we are able to meet again - March-April 2020
  • I continue to open my home for Scribes to work about every month or so over for the years.
  • Served Manoir Fleur Blanche Pancake Breakfast - Mixed Weapons War - April 1st 2019
  • Served Manoir Fleur Blanche Pancake Breakfast - Mixed Weapons War - March 2018
  • Made banner wall of helms and swords for Estrella War Battlefield - January 2018
  • Served Manoir Fleur Blanche Pancake Breakfast - Mixed Weapons War - March 2017
  • Served Manoir Fleur Blanche Pancake Breakfast - Mixed Weapons War - March 2016
  • Made three silk square war dragon flags for the Barony of Sundragon - January 2016
  • Found new homes for SCA Estate for Beatrice Fayrewether of Aviary - Summer 2015
  • Demo at Heritage School showing a Medieval table setting and costuming - Spring 2015
  • Judged A & S Competition at in conjunction with Barony of Granite Mountain and taught a Fiber ID Class - August 2015
  • Embroidered two dragons for the coat of Baron Simon - Barony of Sundragon - 2014
  • As MOAS, I continued monthly baronial competition with small prizes that I made - 2013-2014
  • Spent a day helping Lady Sorcha inghen Chon Mhara remake the pictures and lay out her submission for A & S competition at Estrella War - January 2014
  • In July 2013 I substituted for Lady Ulianna as Waiver Secretary while she recovered from her surgery.
  • In November, I was asked to continue as she decided to go back to school while working. I gladly did so till a permanent replacement could be found - 2013
  • Designed and made a blue and white compass style painted rug for the Barony with canvas from the old tent - Summer 2012
  • Designed and made a Russian blouse, dress, and hat for a wedding ensemble for Lady Ulianna‘s wedding at Estrella War - March 2011-February 2012
  • Demo at Montessori School, Goodyear, AZ -Barony of Sundragon - March 2012
  • Designed, Illuminated and Calligraphied a SCA Marriage Certificate for Lady Uliana Marhov and Lord Iosif Volkov for their wedding at Estrella War 30 March 2012 to go with their legal certificate - Barony of Sundragon - 30 March 2012
  • Embroidered two dragons for the gown of Baroness Viola Carrara - Barony of Sundragon - 2011
  • Milady Ulianna asked me to make her garb for her first Estrella war of 2011 We worked January and February making a Russian folk dress from an old curtain and the a “Very War Coat” a pattern designed by Dame Angele de Plaisance. I also taught Ulianna to sew - 2011
  • With some from Manior Fleur household I helped paint horse barding for the Queen which we present to King Arthur and his queen. Highland’s War - Barony of Sundragon and Kingdom - 2010
  • Embroidered a corduroy green bag for projects with five iris (Her badge) for Dame Catherine of Cate Hall - March 2010
  • Demo at Avondale Boys and Girls Club - Barony of Sundragon - April 2009
  • Intarsia knitted bag made for Dame Catherine of Cate Hall - 2009
  • Created Cup Covers as Thank You gifts for my Chatelaine Ladies-in-Waiting who helped me during the year. Each was painted with their coat of arms and color coordinated with their arms. - Barony of Sundragon - 2008
  • Made a Caveman dress for Milady Bridget Russell from left over drapery leopard fabric - September 2007
  • Created a Bean Bag game for the youngsters at the SunDragon Masqued Ball - Barony of Sundragon - Aug 2007
  • Made a 14th C. gown, cape, veil and purse for Milady Bridget Russell for Baronial Solstice and Court dress - December 2006
  • Helped Lady Sorcha inghen Chon Mhara make a banner wall for the Baronial Arts and Sciences as her Ministry gift to the bar - November-December 2006
  • Baroness Katheline asked me to organize and supervise the stamping and stenciling of sheets for Baronial walls. Made four at Fabric War and one more at the Ren - Man/Woman event - Aug 2006
  • Gave a talk on Arab Culture for Collegium since I lived in Saudi Arabia - Kingdom - Feb 2006
  • Hosted Baronial Scriptorium in my Avondale home about every three months. - 2005
  • Sewing projects for others: a faux mink full-length cape for a very large new-to-the barony gentleman; made a pattern for a dress for Milady Jepa; made a blouse and Gawazeee coat for Lady Sorcha and helped her put together an Arab costume for Middle East feast - 2005
  • Baroness Deborah asked me to applique the SunDragon Arms on the back of the thrones. - December 2003
  • Sanded and stained chair that Lady Sorcha built, then painted her coat of arms on it. I put grommets on her tent for her. - 2003

    Events Ran

  • Steward for Masked Ball - Barony of Sundragon - September 2007


  • Email: Isabelle Le Charpentier de Normandie
  • Facebook: Mundane: Linda Hannah