Ian'ka Ivanovna zhena P'trovitsa

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Duchess Ian'ka Ivanovna zhena P'trovitsa
Photographer: herself
Resides: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Status: Active
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Argent, a pale engrailed gules between a single-horned anvil reversed and a raven close affronty sable.


Kniagnia (Duchess) Ian’ka Ivanovna zhena P’trovitsa is a dutiful wife to her absent minded woodworking Duke Ivan Petrovitch and is a co-head of a large household of Varangians who believe in making things look good called Hrafnheim. She is a member of the Order of the Laurel for her work in Documentation and she has one apprentice, Lady Eyvor Halldorsdottir. Ian'ka spends her days in pursuit of scribal, lampwork, and fiber arts. She is currently the devoted deputy Signet for the Kingdom.

Also known as Ianuk Raventhourne

Arts Pursuits

Current Projects

Ian'ka just finished her project for the Calontir Clothing Challenge and you can see her work on that project at Ian'ka's CCC Project.

Ian'ka is currently working on updating the Atenveldt Scribes Handbook.

Ian'ka is also working on a backlog commission for a Knighting Scroll for Sir Wolfgrim Kolbrandson

Arts and Sciences Pursuits

  • Clothing for Norse and Rus Personas
  • Hand Sewing
  • Spinning (drop spindle and wheel)
  • Tablet Weaving
  • Weaving
  • Lampwork beads
  • Leather dyeing / Leather care
  • Shoe Making
  • Knitting and Crochet (non-SCA period)
  • Naälbinding
  • Casting and metal work
  • Calligraphy and Illumination
  • Jewelry Making
  • Research and Documentation

Classes Available to Teach

  • Top 10 Books Every SCA Person Should Own - This class is styled to help folks just starting into the SCA or those that really like history, understand what books are important to recreate the Medieval Period. The books will be passed around so all can see the wondrous information in their pagers. The handout will list the 10 great books or so and also list sets of books for various subjects as time permits.
  • 5 Easy Ways to Make Stuff - As the title implies, this class will give a 5 step approach on how to make stuff. This is based on a class taught by Duke Tarrach Alfson of Northshield and it was one of the first classes I ever attended as a new SCA member. This class really inspired Duke Ivan Petrovich and I in a way to approach making things for our participation in the SCA and is the perfect “starter” class for new and old members alike to get an idea of how to make things for either personal enjoyment or for A&S displays and competitions. The free handout will include the steps as well as resources for processes and materials to make stuff.
  • Period Beads of the North: An Overview - Beads are part of most of the Nordic and Slavic cultures but how do you recreate that look in the modern era? This class will cover basic information on period beads, mostly glass from Northern and Eastern Europe and will show the students what to look for when shopping for beads in modern stores to make period style accessories.
  • Leather Dyeing for the Modern Era - Leather is a very common material used in our medieval recreation but how do you get it the color you want? This class covers a quick overview of leather dyeing in period, how to dye leather with modern materials and a hands-on lesson on how to dye leather for your shoes, belts pouches, armor pieces etc.
  • Early Russian Clothing and Accessories - This class will cover men’s and women’s clothing from 986-1250 AD with a brief look at Russian history. Class handouts are quite extensive with patterns and pictorial information.
  • How to Write Your Name - Did you just win Crown or are you going to be a landed Baronet or are you just curious about calligraphy? This class is for you! Learn the very basics of calligraphy so you can practice to write your name for import SCA things or just for fun.
  • 5 Easy Steps to Writing Documentation for A&S Competitions - Many of us haven’t even written a book report, let alone physical document, since high school. But don’t worry, you can write documentation for your entries with a little bit of guidance and a simple and easy to understand approach. It does not have to be a huge long research paper! This class is geared to help those that have never written documentation to get a start on the process and to help those that have written documentation to improve their skills for award winning documentation. Full handouts will be provided free of charge which will cover the 5 Steps to Writing your documentation, how to cite your sources and the use of the internet (good and bad) for research. We will be also looking at examples of documentation from artisans around the kingdom, discussing documentation and how judges use it during judging, and how other entrants can use your documentation for inspiration and how-to for their projects.
  • Care and Feeding of Your Leather Gear - Do you have boots that have seen better days? A belt or pouch you've worn for years and it shows? This class goes through the basics of leather care, what materials you need, and how to do it.

SCA Offices and Responsibilities


  • Deputy Kingdom Signet 9/2020 to Present
  • Kingdom Signet 11/2018 to 9/2020
  • Queen 5/2018 to 11/2018
  • Kingdom Signet 5/2017 to 5/2018
  • Deputy Kingdom Signet 5/2015 to 5/2017
  • Queen 5/2013 to 11/2013
  • Baroness of Tir Ysgithr 3/2006 to 3/2009


  • Seneschal 10/2011 to 12/2012
  • Seneschal 3/2003 to 3/2006
  • Deputy Seneschal 6/2001 to 3/2003

SCA Publications

"Top Ten Books Every SCA Person Shown Own" published in the Known World Handbook 4th Edition

"Tenth Century Rus Trade Beads" published in Tournaments Illuminated Spring 2005 Issue #154

SCA Photographs

Find Ian'ka's Digital Photography from years past at two locations:

Ian'ka Flickr SCA Collection

https://photosbyianuk dot shutterfly dot com/ (Copy and paste the link to the left to get to Ianuk's Shutterfly Collection)

Order of Precedence

Ian'ka's OP