"Blutknochen" and "Wutficken" Are Two Of Einhorn's Battle Charges
Founded: 2015
Status: Active
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Sable, a unicorn's head erased Or, a bordure argent.

What's in a name?

Krieg Einhorn, or "War Unicorns" are a loose band of rabble dedicated to supporting new members in the SCA, specifically those from the wider western martial arts (WMA) and historical European martial arts (HEMA) community.


Originally formed in the Barony of Twin Moons Now spread though-out Atenveldt and other kingdoms.

Order of Precedence

Einhorn Order of Precedence.


  • C. Clodious Pugnax - Emperor - Founder
  • Tiny of Twin Moons - Emperor Emeritus - Founder
  • Eirny Prudardottir - Empress Emeritus - Founder
  • Adamar McKenzie - Master of Arms - Founder
  • Johan Von Einhorn - Master of the Drink
  • Dalan McKenzie
  • Spatch McKenzie
  • M'lord In Brown Coat
  • James the Slim

    Unit Structure

    A. Emperor

    The Emperor is a title passed down from the former to their successor. This position holds little pomp, and less circumstance. The expectation is that the Emperor either organizes or delegates the task of organizing the most upcoming event that the household will be at. For example, if the current Emperor just finished Estrella, but cannot make it to Highland's War, they may appoint a successor if the household will be at that event. The purpose is to give new fighters and new members a person they can talk to about the SCA in general who is in the SCA and not necessarily the person that brought them.

    The Emperor will contact folks coming to join the house for a weekend, make sure their needs are met and made sure their accommodated in all the prewar planning that goes on.

    B. Captain

    Krieg Einhorn prides itself on it's ability to introduce the SCA to the wider WMA and HEMA communities. Because the household is oriented to combat, the Captains serve as a guide during confusing melees. Captains will manage a squad of up to 5 members, and make sure their outfitted, hydrated, and libated (after the fighting, naturally).

    The Einhorn Emperor
    While the Emperor holds little pomp, and less circumstance, the Einhorn Emperor holds much pomp and possibly the most circumstance. The 
    Einhorn Emperor is whomever has performed the latest feat of sportsmanship, bravado, or stupidity, during an event and is afforded great 
    respect no matter the source of their power. Dressed in the finest raiment found in Lord Bezo's Amazon, they are the king or queen of the 
    moment, prince or princess of the now, duke or duchess of the dumb. The Einhorn Emperor must watch out and be ever vigilant, their title is 
    constantly challenged. Any member of Krieg Einhorn may challenge the Einhorn Emperor to any contest. Some weekends there are many Einhorn 
    Emperor, some weekends there is one. 


    The membership of Einhorn is fairly transitory. The household is designed to support new members of the Society who have previous fencing and fighting backgrounds but may not be SCA members. Since the focus on the household tends to be on these newer members the Einhorn sees members enter, stay for a few events, and continue their journey elsewhere in the SCA.

    This might give some the opinion that Einhorn is a disorganized "party house", but in reality members like Tiny of Twin Moons work hard to plug new members into the Art's and Sciences, service, and fellowship of the wider SCA. Pugnax introduces fighters to knights and 'scarves who are supportive of new fighters and works hard to authorize fighters to make sure they can participate as safely and as soon as possible.

    Krieg Einhorn works to lower the barrier to entry into the SCA and it's rich culture. Whether that's with household loaner gear, household libations supplied by Johan, or just a friend at busy events.


    Krieg Einhorn was founded in 2015, by Tiny and Pugnax. What started as an attempt to make a cohesive rapier squad, spun out of control into a vacuum to hoover up potential SCA friends. Krieg Einhorn somehow wound up with a cohesive rapier squad despite their best efforts.

    That year, Einhorn saw heavy action in the rapier field, leading charges from boats and through castle gates. Einhorn's tactics resolved around cohesive movement, and dislodging the enemy. They trained to follow one another, and communicate as a team as well as to physically out pace the enemy. Several Einhorn members worked on cardio routines to help them respawn faster during the year's many many respawn battles.

    In 2016 their strategy was refined, creating two fighting groups "Einhorn Alpha" and "Einhorn #1" and giving each 5 person squad a captain. These squads worked and trained together, learning to rely on the fighter next to them and their skills. Each squad was organized much like a Dungeons and Dragons party, with a damage dealer, a defensive fighter with a large shield, a fighter with reach, a captain to observe and coordinate, and a wildcard.

    2017 was perhaps the finest hour for Einhorn, their squad strategy was refined by the addition of sashes which designated fighting groups. These sashes were too small, and looked stupid. They refined their communication skills though, creating codewords and signals to orient the mob of unicorns attacking the enemy. This mobility allowed each fighting group to be loud, mobile, loud, motivated, and very loud. For our prowess, ridiculously small sashes, and loudness we received the Spear of the Sun from Their Solar Majesties Áilgheanán and Amber, the first rapier fighting group to earn such an accolade.

    2018 was pretty great, so was 2019.

    During 2019 the Eberhauer Landsknecht would take note of Einhorn, and in the later part of the year second them to fight on the rapier field on their behalf at Estrella XXXVI. In 2020 the households leadership was split into three positions, Lord Adamar McKenzie leading "Jager Squad", and Lord Tiny of Twin Moons leading "Brut Squad". Each squad was specialized to accomplish a specific goal, Jager Squad focusing on mobility and coordination, Brut Squad focusing on maintaining objectives. C. Clodius Pugnax would serve not only as Emperor of the househould, but Central Division Commander for Professor Conrad, General of the Solar Army of Atenveldt.

    While Krieg Einhorn's military history is a proud one, the household is most proud of the authorization drives it holds. These drives to teach new people SCA combat and authorize them sees several new SCA fighters authorized each year. With the support of members of the Queen's White Scarves, Krieg Einhorn introduces new members to more senior knowledgeable ones who can be found at most events attended by the household.

    Social Media

    Facebook: Krieg Einhorn on Facebook.