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Sir Barnick, Sir (now Duke) Jonathan and Sir Jean Guy were all together on the day King Thorfin of Atenveldt officially established the Order of the Knights of St. Michael at a Estrella War. This happened long ago when Atenveldt was still comprised of Utah and Arizona. There has been speculation about whose idea it was, but in fact, it was all three of them that were on the field that day before the King ruminating and brainstorming together. Sir Barnick and Sir Jean were influenced by Clan Blue Bear, to an extent, which was a Knight brotherhood lead by Duke Sir Mark Von Newman and Viscount Sir Gilbert. The Knights of St. Michael was incorporated to “not just talk the talk, but to walk the walk”. To be honest, chivalrous and humble. To set as an example. The Knights of Saint Michael are expected to be shining examples in thoughts and deed in all aspects of the SCA at the sacrifice of personal gain or recognition in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood.


The Knights of St. Michael (KOSM) is a group of SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) Knights, based loosely on the monastic Knightly orders of the medieval crusades. It is based primarily within the SCA Kingdom of Atenveldt, but has members throughout the known world. In order to be considered to become a “Knight” within the Knights of St. Michael, a person must already be a Knight within the SCA. Individuals who have not attained Knighthood within the SCA may also join the order, but cannot become “Knights” of the order. These select SCA Peers are called Castellans of St Michael.

The Purpose and Goals of the order are as follows:

  1. To strive to become examples of the romantic ideals of chivalry and to promote this chivalric behavior by the actions of the members of the order.
  2. To provide a safe and fun environment in which the members can enjoy the activities of the SCA.
  3. To contribute to the defense of the Kingdom through the organization and training of units and individuals in the arts or war, particularly those associated with large unit tactics.
  4. To provide opportunities for camaraderie and acts of renown upon the field of battle.
  5. To support the re-creation of the Middle Ages in authentic manners, by striving to portray all aspects of life in this time period, especially those relevant to a monastic order without putting more emphasis on the religious aspects than is absolutely necessary.

KOSM was not established as a political group and as a group does not espouse any political stances except those specifically derived from the purpose of the order. Individual Knights may have political leanings, but these leanings should not be confused with the goals and/or purpose of the order.


Knights of The Knights St Michael

  1. Sir Paulo Valter Barnick Tarnovsky 1994
  2. Sir Jean Guy Talbot Du Lac 1994
  3. Viscount Gilbert Bertram de Harfleur 1994
  4. Duke Jonathon von Trotha 1995
  5. Herzog Mathias von Leuwenberg 1996
  6. Count Jurgen Peredur 1998
  7. Count Mikolaj de Bracy 2000
  8. Sir Adam Carlos Diaz de Castile, KSCA 2001
  9. Viscount Sir Dmitri Kazimirovich 2003
  10. Earl Michael DeLacy 2004
  11. Duke Aaron Graves 2005
  12. Duke Maelgwn McCain 2007
  13. Donngal de Buchanan 2007
  14. Count Brian Winterbourne 2009
  15. Viscount Arik Alton 2009
  16. Sir Johannes von Bruckenheim 2009
  17. Sir Timothy Blackwell 2010
  18. Viscount Jost Brandolf von Luck 2010
  19. Count Balor MacFaelechoin 2010
  20. Duke Vitus Polonius 2012
  21. Sir Gwain Ivorsson 2017
  22. Sir Cathal Finn O’Briain 2018
  23. Duke Mark von Neumann 2018
  24. Sir Pelagius de Ball 2018
  25. Sir Ignacio Diaz de Castile 2019
  26. Sir Sutton de Grae 2020

Sergeants of St Michael

  1. Lord Giles Chadwik Richardson
  2. Lord Aldric of Galway
  3. Lord Duncan MacKennie
  4. Lord Reinhardt von Trotha
  5. Lord James de Lancastre
  6. Lord Geralt Shamus O’Doyle
  7. Lady Sancha Galindo de Toledo
  8. HL Bertana of Cissanbyrig
  9. Lady Suzanne du Soleil
  10. Master Tonis van Driele
  11. Lord Einar Andersson
  12. Lord Robert of McGuiness
  13. Count Heinrich von Swartzenberg
  14. Lady Sigrid Finnsdottir
  15. Lord Oslaf of Northumbria
  16. Sir Kazimir Konstantinov
  17. Lord Fabio Ventura
  18. Lord Alexander Smyth
  19. Lord Frederick Gloucester
  20. Lord Brian Hrobjartsson
  21. Lady Valdis Skarpa
  22. Lady Agnes des Illes

Castellans of St Michael (Peers/non-Knights) of the Knights of St. Michael

  1. Master Godfrey von Rheinfels - Pelican 2009 (Retired)
  2. Master Raven Mayne - Laurel 2018
  3. Master Nikolaus von Erlach - Pelican 2019
  4. Mistress Tvoislava Michelovna - Laurel 2021
  5. Master Seelos Massman - Pelican 2021

Atenveldt Awards

  • Scarabs of Atenveldt 8/29/2020
  • Order of the Hearth & Horn 11/4/2017


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