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House Silvermoon
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
House of the Silvermoon 2.0.png
Per bend sable and azure, on a bend vert fimbriated three increscents palewise argent.

House of the SilverMoon is a household that is primarily into Service and the Arts and Sciences. There are members of the Household who do both Rapier and Armor Combat. The Household is welcoming to newcomers and guests who need a place to hang out or camp at an event. The House Silvermoon originally began in the Barony of Atenveldt and now has members all over the Kingdom of Atenveldt as well as many different Kingdoms in the Known World.


  • Master Ritchyrd McUath OP, OL, OD
  • Lord Mercurio da Spin
  • Baron Raven Mayne OL
  • Lady Donwenna Dwn
  • Lord Alexander de Burdegala
  • Baron Wade Greenwall
  • Lord Leo the Red
  • Lord Argouanagos of Scythia
  • Dame Kirsten Matz OP
  • Lord Heinrich der Brauer
  • Lord Jacob Fisher de Cardif
  • Mistress Aoife inghean Oisin OL
  • Lady Cristiona Kyncayde
  • Lady Dawn Greenwall
  • Vicountess Inara the Great
  • Lord Sveinbiorn Hallbiornson
  • Count William Flanagon KSCA
  • Baroness Roz ingean ui Ghallchobhair
  • Lady Siraj Farhadzedah


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