Horde Ernak (The Huns)

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Horde Ernak
Founded: 1986
Status: Active
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Horde Ernak: Sable, a scimitar bendwise sinister between two suns Or

About the Horde

Horde Ernak was founded in 1986. Although the official theme of the household is Hun; the Horde promotes and supports all Eastern and Middle Eastern research and personas. As a group, they are a tribal people with their own customs, traditions, and culture.

Interests of the Horde

As with all groups, individual members have their own personal interests that contribute to the household as well as the SCA. Some of these interests include: drumming/music, dancing, archery, brewing, blacksmithing, leatherwork, fighting, service, historical research, teaching, and more.


In 1988, Horde Ernak joined in a formal alliance with a Scythian household called the Saka Clan. This alliance was celebrated annually for 9 years. The death of the leaders of Saka Clan dissolved their household. To this day, Horde Ernak honors their fallen allies by displaying their household symbol, (the Scythian stag) in the Horde camp.

Awards of Horde Ernak

Members of Horde Ernak have been recognized for their historical research, camp hospitality, and service to the SCA. As a household, they have been recognized as Scarabs of Atenveldt.

Joining the Horde

Horde Ernak offers three types of membership/association that all have different requirements and levels of commitment. Those interested in joining the Horde should get to know the household and see what type of membership would fit best for them.

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