Corràn Dragons Guard Thunder

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Corràn Dragons Guard Estrella War XXXI
Founded: 2012
Status: Active
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Corràn Dragons Guard Thunder is an independent, "free" clan within the greater clans of Rolling Thunder. Formed as a merge between two existing clans at Estrella War XXVIII: Dragon's Guard Thunder (formed in 2002) and Corràn Thunder (formed in 2009). Both Corràn Thunder and Dragon's Guard Thunder were descended from Dredded Thunder. Corràn Dragons Guard Thunder announced at Estrella War XXIX to be a Free Clan of Thunder.

What's in a name?

Corràn (meaning 'crescent' in Gaelic) was added to Dragons Guard at the time of the merge.


Corràn Dragons Guard (CDG) is a teaching clan, meaning that they pass along the pre-17th-century skills that are learned to others within Rolling Thunder and the Society at-large. CDG is very much like a mundane (real) family.


Although having roots in Atenveldt, Corràn Dragons Guard Thunder is currently spread across the Knowne World; primarily Atenveldt, Aethelmearc, and the Kingdom of the East.


  • Patriarch: Lord Cian mac Conmara, Gold bearing Blue and Green, Atenvedlt
  • Matriarch: Lady Catarine MacFadyen, Gold bearing Blue, Kingdom of the East
  • Lady Brenna Aine Bisett, Elder, Kingdom of the East (Passed over the Rainbow Bridge)
  • April, Silver, Atenveldt
  • Charity, Bronze, Aethelmearc
  • Victor, Bronze, Aethelmearc
  • Ashley, Bronze, Aethelmearc
  • Chris, Bronze, Aethelmearc
  • Daniel, Prospect, Atenveldt
  • Constance O'Rourke, Bronze, Atenveldt
  • Kai O'Rourke, Prospect, Atenveldt
  • Steve, Prospect, Kingdom of the East
  • Jake, Prospect, Kingdom of Artemisia
  • Ellis, Thunder Pup, Atenveldt
  • Leatha, FoT, Atenveldt
  • Bill, FoT, Kingdom of the East ​
  • Mario. FoT. Atenveldt

    Clan Levels

  • FoT - Friend of Thunder. An individual who consistently assists the clan as needed, but is not a Member.
  • Thunder Pup - A baby born to a clan member.
  • Prospect - An individual who has been accepted by the clan for a trial period.
  • Bronze - An individual who has demonstrated the ideals of Thunder and has passed the trial period.
  • Silver - An individual who has exemplified the ideals of Thunder and who has given of themselves in service to Thunder, as well as their local SCA groups.
  • Gold - A grandfathered level used by Dredded Thunder. Given to past Royalty both within and without the SCA, in addition to those who went above and beyond in their service to Dredded Thunder.
  • Elder - An individual who has continually exemplified the ideals of Thunder by providing service to the clan, their local group, Barony, and Kingdom.


    Corràn Dragons Guard Thunder does not look for Members. There is a strict policy for admission that must be discovered by the individual.

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