Award Information
Blazon: Per bend sinister azure and Or, a demi-sun issuant from dexter chief and a foi bendwise sinister all counterchanged.
Type: Non-Armigerous
Founded: February 25, 2018 by [[Marek and Golda
Premiere(s): Craven

Morgan Æthelwulf

Gabriela Juliana de Bordeaux

Recipients: People with this award

The Courier of Radiance is given to people who strengthen Atenveldt’s ties to the SCA Known World by travelling to other Kingdoms or by hosting out-of-kingdom guests in the spirit of mutual friendship.  This award can be given to anyone, from Atenveldt or out-of-kingdom friends.


In Anno Societatis LII, during the Reign of Their Royal Majesties Marek and Golda there was created an award known as the L'Ordre des Couriers de Radiance. Worthy premiers from several Kingdoms were created on the 25th of February, Anno Societatis LII, being 2018 in the Common Era.      

  1. There shall exist in the Kingdom of Atenveldt an award, known as the L'Ordre des Couriers de Radiance, which may be given by the King and Queen to those persons who strive to further the dream of the society and strengthen ties to the known world through travel or by hosting guests in the spirit of beneficial commerce.
  2. The members of the Order shall be styled as Couriers de Radiance, and shall be entitled to place the initials CoR. after their names.      
  3. The Order shall carry no precedence.      
  4. The Principal and Protector of the Order shall be the Crown of Atenveldt.      
  5. Amendments to this Charter shall be made by the Crown of Atenveldt.      
  6. The membership in the Order of all previous recipients is hereby confirmed

Marek, Rex          Golda, Regina Seamus McDade, Aten Principal Herald

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