Katherine Maniske aNynetaills

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Katherine, Maniske a'Nynetaills
Resides: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Status: Active
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General Info

I started playing around 1992. My first event was a Fall Crown Tournament. I had been participating in the Renaissance Festival. A co-worker told me about the SCA. I went to Crown, and was hooked.

Resume Info

I like drumming and making jewelry. I haven't drummed in a long time.

OP Link

OP Link


My persona is from the Isle of Man, around the 1300's. My heraldry has a chief that has a Manx cat on it, and the lower part has a thunderbolt symbol. I used to own three Manx cats, and my ancestors were from the Isle of Man. The thunderbolt is because I used to be in a Thunder household. A side note - The Maniske in my name is pronounced the same as "Manx", they didn't have the letter "X" in their alphabet.)

Arts and Sciences

I'm admittedly terrible at most A&S! I would like to pursue period jewelry, and perhaps try a few new things.

Fighting info

No, but I would love to try axe throwing some day!

Pelican- Service you do

Chirurgeon, main and site autocrat positions at Southern Crusades, Head Lady in Waiting for TRMs Mathias and Sarolta, Baroness of Tir Ysgithr

Service Info

A little but of everything. My service is listed above, under "Types of Service". I have not taught classes.


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    Offices & Positions


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