Catherine Grace FitzLewis

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Catherine Grace FitzLewis
Resides: Unknown
Status: Active


  • She/Her


    General Info

    I think it was in 2002? It was in artemisia. We’ve taken a step back for a while due to military moves, and non family friendly environments in past SCA groups. I love history and making things, and the two came together perfectly for me. (I have a minor in history, and a degree in historical craft and costume studies.)

    Resume Info

    Sewing, costuming, weaving, basically any sort of making of material goods. I love to teach, and camp.


    My name is Catherine, Lewis is my maiden name, I don’t have a persona, I time travel because I’m more interested in the research of material items than being a specific person, I have heraldry, it’s a blasted tree with 3 trinity knots in a chief, my colors are blue, white, and green. It has a lot of different meanings to me.

    Arts and Sciences

    I have lots of times in the past, I’ve won kingdom level SCA competitions and non SCA international awards, etc. have done a lot of largess, etc. we stopped playing a while ago, and I would like to get back into it.

    Laurel- Arts you do

    Sewing, weaving, spinning, woodworking, embroidery, painting, etc.

    Fighting info

    Archery, but not well.

    Service Info

    I have done troll, security at pennsic, lady in waiting, event steward, and lots of teaching.


    I’m not a big drinker, but love Diet Coke. I have no allergies. I love fiber.



  • Laurel


    Offices & Positions


    Non Warranted Positions

    Event Staff