Barony of Sun Dragon History

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Barony of sun dragon heraldry.png
Argent, a rainbow gules, argent, azure, Or and purpure, clouded within a laurel wreath azure
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Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Sun dragon populace badge.jpg
Per fess argent and azure, a rainbow gules, argent, azure, Or and purpure, clouded argent.

The Barony of Sun Dragon started in 1983. Sun Dragon encompasses West Phoenix Metropolitan Area – Ahwatukee, Avondale, Buckeye, Glendale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City.

The Barony of Sun Dragon started as "canton" that became a Barony due to the large size of the metropolitan Phoenix area. The name Sun Dragon originated from a Mixed Weapons War event that was near Luke Air Force Base. A Goodyear blimp was seen in the air and someone shouted out, "Look there is a dragon in the sky!" Since we are from the land of the sun, the name Sun Dragon was born.

Sun Dragon's rainbow was designed by Ioseph of Locksley who loved rainbows and was the leading herald at the time. He was challenged to design a rainbow that would be heraldically correct. When Sun Dragon became it's own Barony, he was able to incorporate rainbow into the device.

The War Dragon badge was added during the time of Arthur and Timira as an alternate to the rainbow populace badge. Originally, it was just used for the purposes of fighting at war, but has become more popular as use of identifying as a Sun Dragon member.
Sun dragon war dragon.jpg

Sun Dragon has traditionally been a matriarchal barony due to our first baroness at the time, was not allowed to reign with her significant other and therefore reigned alone. Since then, most baronesses have sat in the right-side throne, in the position of power, and have been heralded into court first. In addition, many of the Baronesses and populace members have been heavily involved in the "Lost Tribes" which clans are also typically matriarchal.

*Thank you to Banntheng and Thengn Viola and Wilhelus for history information.

List of Baronesses and Barons

Landed Baronesses and Barons are considered peers for the duration of their term. "Landed" means they have "lands" associated with their titles, meaning they have territories based on zip codes. There are barons and baronesses who have been given granted this title from the King and Queen for acts of great service to the Kingdom. Landed Baronesses and Barons are selected by the King and Queen to act as leaders for that Barony, however the populace is polled and populace opinion is taken into account for the selection. Baronesses and Barons reign for typically a 3 year period although that time has changed over time and some have extended their reign beyond 3 years. Once a Baroness and Baron step-down they are then usually awarded the title of Bannthegn and Thegn. When addressing a Baroness or Baron, they are addressed as Your Excellency.

Reign # Baroness Baron
14 Elizbeth Redfern Duncan Redfern
13 Valdisa Alarsdottir Wolff Schultz
12 Jacqueline de Bretaigne Gefroi Le Gris
11 Gwenffrey de Abergavenny Simon Aaron of Windermere
10 Viola Carrara Wilhelus le Casse
9 Theresa von Elp Robert Aonghus of Loch Mohre
8 Katheline van Weye Ryan Dollas
7 Deborah Inis Glas Diego de Marulanda al Nadil
6 Tatiana the Midwife Dmitri Miscovich Katzmier
5 Rowan of the Titans Wilhelus le Casse
5 Rowan of the Titans -
4 Tamira Ellivaine du Clonakilty Arthur O'Flaherty
3 Gilda Nootka's Wife Nootka Karlsefni
2 Cherie Ruadh MhicRath of Locksley Ioseph of Locksley
1 Alys Carvelsdatter -

List of Prior Overall Champions

The barony of Sun Dragon has an annual competition at the Champions Event typically held the last weekend in October for a highly esteemed position within the barony with a year long commitment. This position is to act as Guard to our Baroness, ensure there are guards assigned to her during events and courts, and to recruit help for set up and take down of Baronial equipment (pavilion, thrones, etc.) as needed at events. Individuals in this competition are expected to compete in all the other champion competitions, however, a person may have another populace member stand in on their behalf for one of the competitions. While anyone can guard the Baroness, only Overall Champions (current and previous) may handle baronial sword, named "Flame." The Overall Champion works closely with the Chatelaine (see below) on coordinating coverage for the Baroness on events and for running the next Champions Event. The Overall Champion is not necessarily selected based on how he or she scores in each competition, but on their effort and chivalry and is ultimately chosen by the Baroness and Baron.

List of Prior Overall Champions:

  • Thoraulf Gunderson
  • Jeff the Giant
  • Nootka Karlsefni
  • Anaieran Peabody
  • Lawrence
  • Patrick Shannon of Newhall
  • Arthur O’Flaherty
  • Marcus Finially Bond
  • Joseph McFadden
  • Otto Blaushield
  • Eirik Ising Steingrim
  • Matthew Alexandros Casca
  • Balor Mac Falechoin
  • Otto Blaushield
  • Colum Mac Eoghain Ui Niall
  • Deitrich Neiblung
  • Iago Goff
  • Davor Drizislav
  • Sebastian de Rolstoun
  • Robert Angus
  • Rosalinda Kesselheim
  • Fergus MacInnes
  • Dugan MacAlec
  • Ygvar Ottoson
  • Liam Dubh Mac Colum
  • Jakob inn rammi
  • Michael of Worchester
  • Gereon Lautermilch der Betruger
  • Gabriel Boyle
  • Gottfried von Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Gefroi Le Gris
  • Cullen Ellis
  • Wolff Schultz
  • Eric the Bald
  • Edward Harrison
  • Tatár Ferenc
  • Siraj Farhadzedah

    List of Prior Chatelaines/Stewards (Head Lady/Lord-In-Waiting)

    In addition to the Overall Champion, the Chatelaine/Steward is another competition that is done at the Champion Event and is another admired and sought after year-long position. This position not only acts as Lady-In-Waiting to the Baroness, but helps to ensure all Baronial awards are prepped and ready to go out at Court. The Chatelaine is also responsible for scheduling other ladies-in-waiting for events or at times she cannot be there. It is seen as bad form for the current Baroness to be seen without a lady-in-waiting. Sun Dragon Barony was using the term Chatelaine well before other parts of the SCA started using the term Chatelaine to mean a different position (usually the Newcomer Welcome Officer) and has stuck with continuing the tradition. There is also a competition for the Chatelaine that has varied over the years including knowledge on how to make the awards or who they can get to help assist them with making the awards. Similar to the Overall Champion, the Chatelaine is also chosen by the Baroness and Baron.

    List of Prior Chatelaines:

  • Fionnghuala Mac Coili
  • Gytha
  • Krisha
  • Meghan
  • Aurora
  • Elfleda
  • Blance Cecile d'Etoile Noir
  • Lillian of the Distant Shores
  • Ceit
  • Rhodri Longshanks
  • Angelique Du Bois
  • Ninian Ende
  • Gytha of the Bows
  • Brenna Macghie of Kintyr
  • Honor Catlin MacCurtain
  • Dughall
  • Hrefna
  • Theresa von Elp
  • Robert Aonghus of Loch Moher
  • Rosalinda Gertrude Kesselheim
  • Katalena
  • Belen Bat Kedar
  • Jepa Kajepa
  • Nastas’ia Volkovicha
  • Isabelle Le Charpentier de Normandie
  • Iseult inghean ui Threasaigh
  • Anabel de Cheselhelme
  • Sigrid the Generous
  • Jepa Kajepa
  • Emma Makeblise
  • Gwenfrewi de Abergavenny
  • Moira O'Droogan
  • Jacqueline de Bretaigne
  • Octavia Maria
  • Aurora Faw
  • Ermesinde de Champaigne
  • Elizabeth Redfern
  • Fionnghuala Coili
  • Nastas'ia Volkovicha

    Other Baronial Champions

    In addition to the main 2 positions that are awarded at the Baronial Champions events, there are "style" champions that are also awarded at this event that are held for one-year's time. Style champions are in charge of promoting their area throughout the upcoming year with various tournaments or displays, usually held once a month. Champions are selected by their prowess and ability in the competitions. All Champions are typically required to take the "dreaded written test" which captures the Barony's history and awards. Below are the various styles for the competitions:

    Hardsuit Champion

    Year Name
    2022 Rainulf Lion
    2023 TBD

    Rapier Champion

    Year Name
    2022 Elizabeth Schumacher
    2023 TBD

    Archery Champion

    Year Name
    2022 Lasairfhíona inghean uí Néill
    2023 TBD

    Arts and Sciences Champion

    Year Name
    1987 Cherie Ruadh MhicRath of Locksley
    1988 Christiana Sinclaire
    1989 Maginfred Beorhtmaer Uhtric
    1990 Aurora d'Ecosse
    1991 Elfleda Tarsella Bethoc
    1992 Blanche Cecile d'Etoile Noir
    1993 Lillian of the Distant Shores
    1994 None
    1995 Gwendolyn MacAuslane of Loch Lomand
    1996 Diego de Marulanda
    1997 Padraig Dillion of Liathor
    1998 Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre
    1999 Dementia Eoda Blauschild
    2000 Gwendolen Wold
    2001 Dementia Eoda Blauschild
    2002 Isabella Rufhammer
    2002 Cecily de la Warde
    2003 Selene O'Malley
    2004 Sebastian de Rolstoun
    2005 Jacquelin de Normandy
    2006 Katalena Aleksandrova
    2007 Sorcha inghen Chon Mhara
    2008 Ritchyrd McUath
    2009 Raven Mayne
    2010 Jacquelin de Normandy
    2011 Giuliana Francesca Bellini
    2012 Gepa of Sundragon
    2013 Gereon Lautermilch der Betruger
    2014 Venora O'Davorean
    2015 Leonore Aid-an
    2016 Kandace van de Libel
    2017 Clarice la Costuriere d'Avignon
    2018 Mattea Locatelli
    2019 Eleanor Cleavely
    2020 Aurora Faw of the Horny Horses
    2021 Moira O'Droogan
    2022 Jakob inn rammi
    2023 Ermesinde de Champaigne

    Bardic Champion

    Year Name
    2022 Eirik Ising Steingrim
    2023 TBD

    Thrown Weapons Champion

    Year Name
    2022 Jaku'an Kakujo
    2023 TBD

    Youth Champion

    Year Type Name
    2022 Archery Champion Hylda of SunDragon
    2022 A&S Champion Saren of SunDragon

    Sister Baronies

    Typically, sister baronies are centers of hospitality. So if the populace of that barony goes to an event at that location they will ensure those people are welcomed, have camping space, etc. In addition, the baronies would be considered to be allies with one another. The sister baronies are determined by the Baroness and Baron. Ambassadors may even be sent to each other’s barony.

    • Barony Loch Sal Ann, Kingdom of Aretmesia (SLC) – 1997 – the 2 baronies exchanged flags Barony Eskalya, Principality of Oertha,
    • In the Kingdom of the West (Anchorage, AK) in 2012 - exchanged scrolls and flags
    • Shire of Windale (Kingman) in about 1993 Sun Dragon sponsored them, to be able to go from an incipient shire to an actual Shire. This was started with Arthur and Timira. Their zip codes belonged to Sun Dragon, but have since been turned over to the Kingdom as they are now their own Shire.


    All award information and charters here.


    Sun Dragon considers themselves the birthplace of Estrella War, because Estrella Mountain Park was in their zip codes. However, the Kingdom claimed they were kingdom lands. Baron’s War used to be held in Tucson and would have over 1000 participants. Each year, a different Barony was in charge of intrakingdom and each barony would fight against each other. This event stopped happening in order to facilitate opening up the schedule for people to go to Caid for Great Western War.

    Flag in Space - During the reign of Teresa and Robert, one of the war banners were taken aboard the space shuttle. Deb and Diego donated the flag. The barony got an official print out from NASA that our flag was flow in zero gravity in space. Presented in court in Estrella War 2013. Sun Dragon Flag in Space.jpg

    Caveman Tournament History is located here.


    A Tale of 2 Dragons by Dame Gepa of SunDragon

    In Memorium