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Awards are the Crown’s way of publicly recognizing people for their good works and successes within the Kingdom and Society so they are an important part of the SCA. The SCA is a volunteer organization so awards serve as encouragement for the time and energy we put into making it work.

Awards are given at the pleasure of the Crown, but the Crown can’t be everywhere, or see the contributions of every member of the populace. The only way They know if a gentle is worthy is if They receive recommendations from people such as you.

So research their Order of Precedence, find the most appropriate award and make an award recommendation to the Crown

Kingdom Awards

Award of Arms Awards for Service Awards for Arts & Sciences
Awards for Armored Combat Awards for Rapier Defense Awards for Archery
Awards for Children & Youth Awards for Courtesy Awards for Historical Authenticity
Awards for Groups Awards for Equestrian Sports
King's Sigil

Queen's Cypher

Royal Menagerie

Court Barony Grant of Arms Awards encompassing
Art & Service (the 'Golden' awards)
Thegns and Banntheigns Lion of Atenveldt Glory of Atenveldt

Barony Awards

B. of Atenveldt Tir Ysgithr Sun Dragon
Mons Tonitrus Twin Moons Ered Sül
Granite Mountain

Peerage Orders

Chivalry Laurel Pelican Masters of
Royal Peers


Order of the Golden Sun Order of the Rose
Order of the White Oak Augmentation of Arms
Bowmaster Herald Extraordinaire
Gratia Coronae

Closed Orders

Principality of the Sun

Principality of Artemisia

Principality of the Outlands

Defenders of the White Scarf of Atenveldt