Yehudah of Nuremberg

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Master Yehuda
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Deceased

Argent, on a bend between two reef knots fesswise azure, three reef knots argent, a bordure azure.

History by Admiral Alex (HE Mistress Alexandra de la Mer Verte, OP)

My SCA brother! One of only two gentlemen recognized as "mothers" in the tribe. The other is Thoralf Gunderson the original baronial Champion (my SCA dad). Yehudah (sigh) devoted husband, amazing Dad, worked tirelessly at Baronial Events and Kingdom Events, organizing, autocrating and teaching the traditions and SCA laws. Pretty good rapier and shinai fighter too! Used to host an "orphan" thanksgiving event in his home for anyone who didn't have a place for the holiday. Kept up with the Kingdom Laws as sheriff for multiple years.


Yehudah's Order of Precedence

Interview by Fergus de Botha

The Interview

Poem By Colum Mac Eoghain

Light for Agnes

They gathered somewhere under the rainbow
The warriors honorable and strong
Prowess at arms and chivalry to show
To bring light to a land in shadow to long
And Agnes stood without a champion
Till Sir Kilian asked if he might serve
Favor given to Trimaris scion
Honor before victory was his word
With favor from Agnes proof from all harm
The knight bested all who challenged his sword
Perfect Killian won each pass at arms
Light shone on Agnes as Killian heard
That it had been but a year and a day
Since her Yehudah had journeyed away


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