Wolff Schultz

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Baron Wolff
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active

Quarterly gules and sable, a double-headed eagle within an orle Or.

Wolff start playing in the SCA in January of 2010. He and his wife Valdisa Alarsdottir were looking for a family-friendly activity. They already had a lot of friends who did the SCA and were interested in trying it. They never looked back! Wolff loves martial activities, hard suit, rapier, thrown weapons, archery, and siege weapons. He also enjoys doing wood turning, lamp work (making glass beads), armor making, and leather working.

Wolff was working on his path towards knighthood and was belted to His Grace Jonathon von Trotha until he stepped up to become Baron. He returned the belt to His Grace, but hopes to return to the path after he completes his reign as Baron.


Wolff plays a 1300 Germanic persona and can actually trace his lineage to that period and location. They were stonemasons.

What's in a Name

Wolff chose Schultz as a name since he could trace his lineage back to that time frame and this was a version of his personal family name that he chose to adopt as part of his SCA persona.

Heraldry Story

Wolff's heraldry is directly drawn from his Germanic persona. He has the 2 headed Germanic Imperial eagle on his heraldry. The color schemes related back to his prior service with the military and his color schemes that matched with his unit.


Wolff's Order of Precedence

Baronial Offices/Positions

  • Baron of Sun Dragon 2020-present
  • Baronial Overall Champion 2018-2019

    Wood Working

  • Donated cherry wood goblets as largess when needed
  • Working on creating more goblets for donations to kingdom for largess

    Events Ran

  • Mixed Weapons War 2019
  • Vanguard Tournament - this tournament is typically ran on the first Wednesday of Estrella War, created this tournament in 2019 and have subsequently ran it since then

    Other Volunteering

  • Estrella War Watch/Front gate Volunteering
  • Helped numerous times with set up and take down of Sun Dragon equipment at events
  • Volunteered at Estrella War with parking set up


  • One-on-one for hard suit at fighter practices


  • Facebook: [Wolff Schultz]