Sancha Galindo de Toledo

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Baroness Sancha Galindo de Toledo
Resides: Barony of Twin Moons
Status: Active

Azure, an owl Or in cross four mullets Or in saltire four roundels argent.


She / Her


I first became interested in the SCA when I was attending Rice University in Houston. I went to a a local Ren Fair with some friends and saw a demo. It piqued my interest, but I didn't have the time to play much then. Later when I was in grad school in 1998, I started playing with the College of Brymstone, as a way to meet people. I quickly fell in love with the game. It was there I met Duke Jonathan von Trotha who help me get started in the SCA, introducing me to different people and activities. In fact, he introduced me to the person who would become my husband, Domingo Deigo Diaz de la Vega.

I have lived in 3 different kingdoms: Atenveldt, The Outlands, and Ansteorra.

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I originally started out with a Polish persona, Ryska Buk. I really enjoyed reading the history of Poland. Then I was inspired by my mother's side of the family and developed a Spanish persona. I used the SCA's resources to find lists of Spanish names and eventually settled on Sancha because I liked the sound of it and because my sister's dog was named Sancha. [Insert Indian Jones joke here.]

My heraldry was inspired by the heraldry of my alma mater, Rice University, and by the mechanical owl, Bubo, in "Clash of the Titans (1981)." The mullets and roundels represent moons and stars.

I have 2 mottoes:

"Alis Volat Propriis." (She flies on her own wings)

"Lucent en Tenebris" (They shine in the dark.)

Arts and Sciences Info

I primarily do C&I and sewing, though I have dabbled in finger loop braiding and tablet weaving. I recently completed the seven commander scrolls for Morgan and Elizabeth's reign. I am very proud of them. I typically don't enter competitions, in part because my art gets given away as award scrolls. In 2022, I was honored to be inducted into the Order of the Laurel for my illumination work.

Sewing: I enjoy sewing my own garb and occasionally sew for others. After a period of exploring lots of different countries and centuries, I initially settled on 14th Century. I really like cotehardies and how comfortable they can be. Lately, I have been expanding my interests into the 16th Century, specifically Flemish Middle class clothing. I love how you can add and subtract layers to be comfortable and be able to mix and match sleeves, kirtles, and overdresses. Through researching the clothing, I found out about the story of Kenau Hasselaer, who fought the Spanish in Haarlem.

Fighting info

I fight rapier. I have been the RMIC for Estrella. My highest award is the Order of the Lynx.

I am currently looking at trying my hand at spear fighting in armored combat.

Service Info

I have volunteered at many feast events either helping serve or in the kitchen. I have also feast-o-crated large events in partnership with my husband, Master Domingo. He handles the cooking and I handle the serving. I enjoy the planning and logistics of it.

I have been Head Lady in Waiting for Duchess Asa, baronial scribe for Tir Ysgithr, regalia officer fir Tir Ysgithr, and unofficially the seneschal for the College of Brymstone (never got the paper work signed). I enjoy volunteering to be guard or lady in waiting for various royals and nobles.

I have taught classes in war scenario design for rapier combat, fabric identification and selection for period clothing, and running a feast.


Likes Dislikes
The color blue The color kelly green
Owls Most sodas
Chai tea lattes Hoppy beers
Ginger Ale (the sharper the better) Dry, tannic red wines
Hard Cider (semi-sweet to dry)
Rieslings (semisweet to dry)
14th Century cotehardies
16th Century Flemish Working Women's Clothing
Sword fighting