Salmey of the Fenix

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
Salmey of the Fenix.jpg
Resides: Barony of Twin Moons
Status: Active
Salmey of the Fenix Heraldry.jpg
Azure, a fess gules fimbriated and overall a phoenix argent

I'm originally from the Midrealm (draco invictus!) but moved out here a while back and went on hiatus. I've played in the society for a total of 2 years and you can usually find me fighting on a melee field during the day and playing music in the evening.

I'm still pretty new and really rusty coming back into this but as of late I've taken pride in my hat and clothes making. Focusing on the mid-late 14th century.

I've helped here and there at events but not done any major involvement. I do intend to get deep into voice heralding, field command, and unit organization.


My persona is that of a 14th century central European man at arms.


Thus far the only award I have is a permanent citizenship in the Barony of the Fenix.


I'm a huge fan of those little pewter badges and similar doodads like plume holders. And, of course, food is the language of friendship.. I have no serious allergies or like restrictions


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