Richard Attekirck the Rabbit

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

Master Richard Attekirck the Rabbit
Resides: Kingdom Lands
Status: Active

Per bend sinister gules and azure, a rabbit courant and two swords in saltire argent

Started playing in the SCA casually around the year 2002, annually attending Estrella War. Moved to Arizona in 2008 and became active within the Kingdom of Atenveldt ever since.

He was belted Accomplice Her Grace Elzbietta the Constant and prefers to fight in tournaments, with primarily rapier and buckler. He primarily loves 1v1 Rapier tournament fighting.

Beyond that, he enjoys fighting armored with spear, as well as all variations of Cut & Thrust.

Rabbit is in the household Duchy of SIBOD.


‘Rabbit’ is a nickname given to him at his very first event when he was 16, and has embraced it ever since.


Rabbits Order of Precedence.


He enjoys working on various chainmail projects.

Non Warranted Positions/Champion Tournaments

I have had the pleasure of serving as Queens Rapier Champion a number of times as well as recently serving as Kings Cut & Thrust Champion. I am happy to serve wherever needed, and am always willing to teach if someone wants to learn.