Principality of the Sun - Royal Lineage

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The Principality of the Sun covered the modern state of Arizona. It came into being in January 1977 with the coronetting of Prince Ivan and Princess Kathleen. When the Kingdom of Atenveldt no longer required regional principalities, the Principality of the Sun was dissolved and the territory became the current Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Solar Tourney


Solar Highnesses

Reign Solar Prince Solar Princess Investiture Stepped Down
1 Ivan and Kathleen Ivan of Navarette Kathleen MacChulurain the Pure 01/06/1977 05/07/1977
2 Thomas and Anastasia Thomas the Diamus Anastasia Fedorovna Pantera 05/07/1977 11/19/1977
3 Denis and Trude Denis of the Titans Trude Lacklandia 11/19/1977 06/11/1978
4 Amayot and Kerensa Amayot of Aragon Kerensa of Willowmire 06/11/1978 12/10/1978
5 Denis and Trude II Denis of the Titans Trude Lacklandia 12/10/1978 06/02/1979
6 Nicholas and Frances Nicholas le Noir Frances la Rouge 06/02/1979 11/17/1979
7 Justin and Victoria Justin du Roc Victoria of the Veils of Barnsdale 11/17/1979 04/12/1980
8 Roger and Elwyn Roger du Grae Elwyn de Grae 04/12/1980 11/08/1980
9 Trelon and Faleena Trelon of the Woods Faleena Camille 11/08/1980 05/16/1981
10 Christopher I and Trude III Christopher of Houghton Trude Lacklandia 05/16/1981 11/21/1981