Valdisa Alarsdottir

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Baroness Valdisa
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Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
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Per bend sinister vert and sable, a dragonfly and a lotus flower in profile argent.

Valdisa start playing in the SCA in January of 2010. Her and her husband Wolff Schultz were looking for a family-friendly activity. They already had a lot of friends who did the SCA and were interested in trying it. They never looked back! Valdisa loves "fiber arts," including starting with raw wool to cleaning, carding, combing of the wool, spinning (drop and spinning wheel) and dying it. Valdisal also knows how to knit, crochet, sew, embroider, as well as weave with inkle, card, and floor loom. In addition, she does lamp work (glass bead making), woodcarving and wood turning, and soap making. Valdisa also loves making and donating largess.


Valdisa plays a 12th/13th century Icelandic persona which is just post Norse period, but typically dresses in Norse garb. She also time travels to other periods including Greek, 12-14 century, and working on an Elizabethan.

What's in a Name

While Valdisa really wanted to have a name that was Norse, she already knew several people who's names were Valdis and she wanted a different version, so she went with Valdisa with the "a" on the end to differentiate herself from others.

Heraldry Story

Mundanely, Valdisa has always really liked lotus flowers and dragon flies and want to incorporate her mundane into her SCA life.


Valdisa's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Kingdom of Atenveldt Volunteer Support for Estrella War 2021
  • Kingdom of Atenveldt Deputy Volunteer Support for Estrella War 2019-2020

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Baroness - 2020-present
  • Exchequer - 3/2019-3/2020

    Fiber Arts

  • Experimented with various dyes and mordents with spun wool - 8-2020
  • Valdisa's Fiber Art Album

    Wood Working

  • Took first turning class in Feb 2018 and loved it. Bought a midi lathe and began turning in March 2018.
  • Donated goblet as the Barony of Sun Dragon hard suit Tourney prize - April 2018
  • Gifted goblet to Mistress Lisabetta on the eve of her elevation - April 2018
  • Gifted goblets with a captured ring to Their Majesties Ivan and Ian'ka at their coronation from Barony of Sun Dragon on May 2018
  • Gifted to goblets with a captured ring Their Majesties Marek and Golda at his stepping down from Barony of Sun Dragon on May 2018
  • Goblet donated for the Mother's Day hard suit tourney prize - May 2018
  • Goblet donated for Barony of Sun Dragon hard suit tourney - June 2018
  • 2 goblets donated for Barony of Sun Dragon September hard suit tourney - September 2018
  • Goblet for archery community for a prize - Oct 2018
  • Goblet donated for Barony of Sun Dragon Cave Man tourney - October 2018
  • Goblets gifted to Their Majesties at coronation from Barony of Sun Dragon - October 2018
  • 3 goblets designed and given to prior Champions for stepping up - October 2018
  • Bowl donated for incoming Chatelaine - October 2018
  • Goblets gifted to the Baroness and Baron of Sun Dragon for Yule - December 2018
  • Goblet donated prize for a lottery based on those who sent in an awards recommendation - February 2019
  • Goblet and bowl donated to Silent Angels - January - 2019
  • Bowl given as prize for the Vanguard Tourney - January 2019
  • Bowl given as prize tourney at Minday night practice - February 2019
  • Feastware set given as Grand Prize for the Estrella War XXXV Vanguard Tourney - February 2019
  • 2 goblets donated to College of St Felix for Sable Knight tournament - March 2019
  • Misfit goblet donated for Thrown Weapons Tourney - June 2019
  • Goblets given as stepping up gifts for Their Majesties Franbald and Dionysia - May 2019
  • Goblets given for stepping down gifts for Morgan and Elizabeth - May 2019
  • 4 goblets donated to Kingdom of Atenveldt as Largess - May 2019
  • 6 nostepinnes (yarn ball winder/holder) donated to Barony of Sun Dragon for largess - May 2019
  • Goblet gifted for Low and Slow Competition - August 2019
  • Bowl donated as a prize for the Central War Practice Soup contest - September 2019
  • 6 nostepinnes donated to Barony of Atenveldt largesse derby - September 2019
  • 2 goblets donated to Barony of Atenveldt - December 2019
  • Valdisa's Woodworking Photo Album

    Lamp Work Beads

  • Donated lampwork beads for largess for Barony of Sun Dragon - January 2014
  • Valdisa's Lamp Work Photo Album

    Events Ran

  • Vanguard Tournament - this tournament is typically ran on the first Wednesday of Estrella War, created this tournament in 2019 and have subsequently ran it since then

    Other Volunteering

  • Estrella War Watch/Front gate Volunteering

    Classes Taught

  • Contact

  • Facebook: [Valdsia Alarsdottir]