Mattea Locatelli

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Lady Mattea
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Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Mattea Locatelli heraldry.png
Purpure, in saltire two arrows inverted Or and overall a polypus argent.

Mattea started playing with the SCA in 2015. Her first event was Barmaids and she had a lot of fun. She took a medival history course in high school and someone from the SCA came in. When her and her family moved to Phoenix they decided to look for something to do and looked up the SCA to see what they had to offer.

Mattea likes to do fiber arts, including sewing, embroidery, and weaving. In fact she is part of the Elizabethan Sweatshop that provides period, authentic garb to the local populace, but they specialize in special occasions. She recently doing illumination and has a lot of experience with period printing.

Mattea is an apprentice and belted to Mistress Aoife inghean Oisín for arts and sciences. She hopes to follow the path of the laurel, but also really enjoys autocrating. She would potentially like to be an Estrella War Main.

What's in a Name

Mattea Locatelli was originally derived from an Italian origins. It is pronounced (Ma-tea-ah). Her given name is a period version of her mundane last name.


Mattea was originally going to do late period, Italian, 15-16 century, but just really likes the 14th century cotehardies. She also enjoys time travel and has some Viking/Norman, Roman, and a little Italian outfits as well.

Heraldry Story

Mattea has always loved archery and while she hasn't done much in the SCA yet, she wants to. She picked an Octopus because it's her very favorite animal and it would be unique among devices. She also has a large affinity for the color purple.


Kindra's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Estrella War A&S Collegium Coordinator 2021
  • Estrella War A&S Deputy Collegium Coordinator 2020
  • Estrella War Youth Center Coordinator 2017
  • Lady-in-Waiting for Queen Elizabeth

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences 2019-present
  • Arts & Sciences Champion 2017
  • Youth Minister 2015-2017
  • Lady-in-waiting for Her Excellency Gwen

    Arts and Sciences

  • Won Queen's Prize for embroidery for the showcase in March 2020
  • Assisted with doing Their Excellency's Jacqueline and Geffroi's Champions outfits (black and white cotehardies)
  • Woven and embroidered for TRM Golda and Mereck's Grand Court outfits at Estrella
  • Woven trim for largess/prizes for Baronial and Kingdom
  • Entered into the Kingdom A & S with embroidery and clothing and won both categories
  • Did the embroidery for a pelican elevation
  • Made and embroidered hood for Barony of Sun Dragon's Arts and Science Champion as regalia
  • Made wrap Viking with dragon flies appliqued on it
  • Designed and painted a silk banner with her heraldry on it
  • Did weaving for HRM Alanon's outfit for Great Western
  • Wove site tokens for Mixed Weapons 2018
  • Made Viking hoods for Sun Dragon kids
  • Embroidered rondels for Their Excellency's Jacqueline and Geffroi's stepping up garb
  • Embroidered celtic knotwork for one of the Kings
  • Seam treatments on HRM Golda's Viking dressed
  • Embroidered tote bags for prizes

    Photo Album

    Mattea's Weaving
    Mattea's Embroidery
    Mattea's Artsy Projects

    Events Ran

  • Game Room - Atenveldt 50 year celebration (2021)
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Fabric War Co-Autocrat (2020)
  • Kingdom - Central War Practice Co-Autocrat (2020)
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Solstice Co-Autocrat (2019)
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Mixed Weapons War Co-Autocrat (2018)
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Fabric War - Co-Autocrat (2016)
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Mixed Weapons War Co-Autocrat (2016)

    Other Volunteering

  • Set up and take down at multiple events
  • Watch at Estrella 2016
  • Gate at a couple of events

    Classes Taught

  • Seam Embellishments - Atenveldt 50 year 2021
  • Seam Embellishments - Fabric War 2020
  • How to make Fabric Buttons - Fabric War 2020
  • How to make Fabric Buttons - Estrella 2019
  • How to make a Viking Hood - Estrella 2019
  • Assisted teaching a multi-part cotehardie class - 2019
  • Assisted individually with embroidery and seam treatments


  • Facebook: Mundane: KindraBeckstrom Locati