Fíne ingen Uí Chellaig

Fíne ingen Uí Chellaig3.jpg
Lady Fíne ingen Uí Chellaig
Photographer: Baroness Sigríðr Úlfsdóttir de Lacy
Resides: Barony of Atenveldt
Status: Active
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Fine (pronounces Finn-AH) started out participating in the Renaissance Faire, but found her way to the SCA. She is an excellent Bard, especially for humor or bawdy songs. Fine is a huge advocate of accesability and is very involved in the Silent Heralds (ASL Heralding).

Fine is squired to Sir Nader (Nator Der Grothen Schwarzen Hahn).
Fine is apprenticed to Countess Lia Winterbourne.
Fine is a protégé of Dame Jacquelin de Normandie.

Fine in armor at 2019 Central War Practice

Fine currently resides in the Barony of Atenveldt.

Prior Names, Aliases, or AKAs: Fine ingen Ui Chellaig, Finna Ingen UiChellaig

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Awards, Offices, and Other Positions

Fine's Order of Precedence.

Additional (non-OP) Projects and Non Warranted Positions

Non-OP Court Positions

Event Steward