Philippe de Dauphiné

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Philippe de Dauphine.jpg
Lord "Flip"
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Flips device.png
Argent, a dolphin haurient azure finned gules, on a chief enarched azure an arrow argent.

Lord Philippe, commonly known as "Flip" started attending Estrella War in 2005 but became more involved in the Society when he started participating with Sun Dragon in about 2013. Flip is member and founder of the Horny Horses Household. Flip was a reluctant recruit to the SCA as he felt it was a lot of work for camping. However, once he found his niche in archery, he's grabbed on and never looked back. He primarily became involved due to the love of his wife, Aurora Faw.

While Flip primarily is knowne for his skills with archery, he is also an excellent cook and has started dabbling in period cooking. In addition, his skills for making challenging and new archery targets have abound in the local community and he's often helping volunteer his time wherever needed. Flip is just starting to learn to make arrows and is wanting to get into making meads as well. He also has some super secret plans in the works that just can't be revealed as of yet.

What's in a Name

Originally when Flip was picking a name, he choose the name Blookwalk. Not only did he just make it up out of nowhere, everyone kept trying to call him Bloodwalk. He then decided he wanted the Mongolian name of Batu (which he was using as an acroymn for Blookwalk And The Unicorn) with the last name Kharbuci meaning "archer." But he had almost immediate buyer's remorse. As he had played with the SCA for too long and people were still calling him "Flip" he decided to go with Philippe de Dauphine, since it was close to Flipper the Dolphin, also a longer version of his real nickname. Those heraldry puns are so much fun!


Based on his name alone was a 15th century French persona, however, he's decided that he's late period French since he loves cooking with tomatoes and tomatoes were thought to be poisonous due to being related to the deadly nightshade until the late 1500's.

Heraldry Story

As you can well imagine, when he researched the Prince of France that used the title of Dauphine, from the province of France, he found the heraldry which included the heraldic dolphin that looks like some sort of weird fish. He immediately decided he wanted that on his arms along with his white arrows for his archery, thus his heraldry was born.


Flip's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Kingdom Archery Champion - Handbow - 2019

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Baronial Archery Champion - 2019
  • Baronial Archery Champion - 2018
  • Baronial Archery Champion - 2017

    Barony of Atenveldt

  • Lord of Love - 2018

    Archery Accomplishments

  • Won Queen's Archery Tournament - Nov 2019
  • Won Barony of Sun Dragon's Archery Champion Tournament - Oct 2019
  • Second place in archery tournament at Highlands - July 2019
  • Created Walking Storybook tournament for Mixed Weapons War - Mar 2019
  • Won Black Light Tournament - Nov 2018
  • Created black light tournament at Sun Dragon's Champions - Nov 2018
  • Won Barony of Sun Dragon's Archery Champion Tournament - Nov 2018
  • Created moving "knights" targets for Champions Tournament - Oct 2018
  • Created bowling tournament - Aug 2018
  • Won Archery Tournament at Highlands - Jul 2018
  • Created Cupid Tournament with heart shaped targets - Feb 2018
  • Won Barony of Sun Dragon's Archery Champion Tournament - Oct 2017
  • Won Night Archery Shoot at Highlands - Jul 2017
  • Started doing archery - fall 2016
  • Competed in various Archery Tournaments
  • Mentors and teaches new people at practices
  • Has gained the honor of "Huntsman" from Barony of Atenveldt
  • Has achieved the level of Forester
  • Made target stands and butts for archery practice

    Archery Tournaments Created by Flip:

    Bowling 1.jpg Bowling 2.jpg

    Walking tourney.jpg Heart archery 2.jpg

    Kinght team tourney.jpg Kinght team tourney 2.jpg

    Black light archery 2.jpg Black light archery.jpg



  • Sorting out Estrella archery regalia and equipment - 2021
  • Pre-war set up for archery - 2020
  • Pre-war set up for archery - 2019
  • Estrella Parking Deputy - 2018
  • Estrella Parking Deputy - 2017
  • Watch shifts

    Other Volunteering

  • General set up and take down at events
  • Holds the Barony of Sun Dragon loaner archery gear and brings to practice
  • Brings out Barony of Sun Dragon the butts, faces, and stands for regular archery practice


  • Facebook: Mundane: Flip Geiger