Otto Blauschild

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Otto Blauschild.jpg
Lord Otto Blauschild
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Deceased
Otto Blauschild heraldry.png
Azure, a fret argent, a bordure ermine.


Squire to Duke Arthur O’Flarrharty, previous champion to the Barony. Defender of DreamChaser, my personal champion. Defender Ladies, of small children, and lost puppies (including new fighters). Amazing at teaching armor making (took over after then Squire Casca gave up the armor shop for SD EVERY Thursday night in their homes). Half the kingdoms armor was made at either of those two shops in the early years.

Loved to fight with pole, sword and board. Worked tirelessly serving the barony and kingdom at large (EWs and baronial events).


Otto's Order of Precedence


Admiral Alex


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