Olive of Granholme

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Olive of Granholme
Resides: Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Status: Active
Olive of Granholme.png
Quarterly purpure and sable, on a cross rayonnant Or between in chief two owls respectant argent, an increscent moon azure


  • Aliases: Mischief (Errant Venture Bartender)

    General Info

    November 2013 the last Winkleman Southern Crusades, friends finally convinced me to come out. Only got to spend the weekend but had a great time. In the SCA, I definitely feel you can find a family or community or just a feeling of kinship. In my case, I was already spending time with my SCA house, just hadn't come out of my shell enough for the SCA.

    Resume Info

    I like the A&S side of things. So far I have played with wire weaving, book binding, banner (both silk and cotton) painting, chainmail, brewing (mead, cider, liqueurs). I have previous experience with lost wax centrifugal silver casting and soldering both silver and brass for jewelry making. I have a pinch of experience with leatherwork. I would love to get into scribal and like learning more about heraldry. You may well know me for being behind the bar at my house's encampment or for my Unicorn Farts.


    Not to diminish the starlight of Atenveldt, my heart has always had a place for the sky and admittedly, I attempted to pass the full name of Olive Long Anne Prosper. It didn't make it but is now recorded at least as a failed attempt. I do have heraldry; the blazon is Quarterly purpure and sable, on a cross rayonnant Or between in chief two owls respectant argent, an increscent moon azure. IRL, my name is Chandra which is a Sanskrit name for the moon and I have always loved the night sky and nocturnal animals such as owls and bats. The cross has sunbeams issuing outwards and thus unites the night and day. The meaning of my name IRL from the baby name book my mom used was "star that outshines the sun". I am attempting a society name change but if that is unsuccessful, I may try for a documented Indian name. I haven't settled for a time period for a persona.

    Arts and Sciences Info

    No official A&S projects or largess, just painting cotton banners to surround the sides and front entrance to our camp (Errant Venture Thunder). Currently completing larger canvas banner walls for our camp interior. I have also sewn canvas covers for some of our carports to attempt a period makeover. Proud of most of my silk painting but haven't made a point of displaying it, yet.

    Fighting info

    I have not competed in any official capacity but I do enjoy dabbling in archery and thrown weapons.

    Service Info

    My husband and I have helped set up parking areas and equestrian a few times for both Estrella and Southern Crusades. I need to assist more with watch/gate/herald's point. I have not ran any SCA events but did organize and run a Thunder event.


    I detest sweet pickles but everything else is fine.


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    Offices & Positions


    Event Staff