Neo Darkheart

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
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Sir Neo
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Neo Darkheart heraldry.png
Azure, a winged fish bendwise, wings addorsed Or, in base a fishhook argent

Neo started in 2008 when he stumbled across a fighter practice in Ered Sul and he asked how he can become a part of it. They told him to bring a sports cup and to come back the next Sunday and he's been doing it ever since. His first even was Ered Sul-a-bration, at Ford Park, it was a baronial day event. He was also able to indulge in some period food and vote that the Arts and Science display. This event is where he met Sir Christopher Fitzarthur. Before he even knew about the SCA his friends and him would pull apart wooden pallets and fashion swords. They would hit each other without any protection. So the fighting drew him in, but after he started he fell in love with all the other aspects of the SCA.

Neo is well-known for his martial/fighting activities, but Neo's heart is also in the bardic realm. He loves participating and watching them. He does some arts and sciences, including making armor. He does both hard suit and rapier. He really likes to teach new people how to fight.

He was a part of a household, but he actually starting his own household. There is a household in the East called "Surtr's Brood." They provided him food, clothes, a tent and took him in like he had been friends with him forever. Neo ask, "What can I do for you? Could I start and Atenveldt of your household?" and that is his plan. For every Estrella, they would put up people from their Kingdom and vice versa. There is a lot of people who feel like when they join a household they have to do whatever the household is, but this household is about finding your own pursuits and building whatever aspect of the SCA you want.

Neo became a knight of the realm in 2017 at a Highlands War. It was his 9th Highlands War, 9 years in the SCA and he received 9 chains in the SCA. He would like to buckle down and focus on bardic and become an Arts and Sciences Performance laurel. If there is a bardic at any event, he tried to perform.

What's in a Name

Previously he was Neot the Pict (he never used the spelling Neot, but Neo the Pict instead). Neot is a Saint in England born on about 815 and lived in Glastonbury. "The Pict" was just easy, so he couldn't find anything that would pass. At that time, they rejected his other surnames. His new sur name, Darkheart, is currently in submission, the last name is found in history and has special meaning to him and his wife.


Neo is well-known as being the Pict. It is his "claim to fame." It passed just before he went into crown tournament as a non-belt and that was when people started noticing him. Being a Pict is his main persona who hates the Romans and wants to defeat them. He is also working on a 12th century Scottish persona.

Heraldry Story

When Neo first started fighting, he was not very skilled. People said he was flopping around like a fish. So when it came around by device time, he was so much more skilled, he decided on a flying fish jumping over a fish hook, which was a visual representation of feedback he's received saying he was very quick in his fighting.


Neo's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Queen's Guard - 2019, 2018, 2017
  • Queen's Champion - 2015
  • Shield of Chivalry -2015

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Armored Combat Champion - 2017

    Barony of Ered Sûl

  • Bardic Champion - 2017
  • Baronial Executioner - 2016
  • Standard Bearer - 2015
  • Armored Combat Champion - 2013
  • Bardic Champion - 2013

    Barony of Granite Mountain

  • Pride of the North - Armored Combat - 2018

    Barony of Atenveldt

  • Paladin of Atenveldt - 2019

    Arts and Sciences

  • Makes leather armor and has entered into some Arts and Sciences competition


  • Performed in the Estrella Knowne World Bardic - 2019, 2018
  • Performed at Great Western War - 2018
  • Performed at various camps throughout the lands
  • Performed at SunDragon - Champions - 2019, 2018
  • Primarily focuses on acapella singing

    Martial Arts

  • Started hard suit in 2008
  • Has won a lot of local tournaments
  • Started doing rapier in 2010
  • Has also done some archery

    Events Ran

  • Highlands War - 2019

    Other Volunteering

  • Ran security at Estrella
  • Runs security at many other events as well
  • Help with set up and take down at events


  • Has mentored his squires in fighting and on their path
  • Helped assist with newbies with fighting at SunDragon fighter practice


  • Facebook: Neo T. Pict