Nastas'ia Volkovicha

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Mistress Nastas'ia
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Nastas ia Volkovicha heraldry.png
Per pale azure and purpure, two chevronels braced Or and in base a wolf's head erased contourny argent.

Nastas'ia started playing in October of 1983 in the Barony of Allyshia in the Kingdom of the West. There was a cute guy in her History class that invited her to a tournament and feast. She had always been interested in history and really enjoyed the day. She met a lot of people who were interested in embroidery and cooking, things she had done since she was a small child. She loved the learning and became a fun maven.

Since that time Nastas'ia has expanded her involvement in the SCA. She is highly involved in the fiber arts, including spinning, dying, and weaving of wool, silk, cotton. She also does embroidery, crochet, and making cording. Nastas'ia also enjoys doing period cooking, front hall feast management, baking bread and pastries. She is excellent at camp management and event planning and being an officer.

Nastas'ia was recognized as a Pelican for her dedication to service. She is also apprenticed to Alex the Scribe who is currently in the East Coast. Nastas'ia gets her joy in the SCA by facilitating other people's dreams.

What's in a Name

Nastas'ia Volkovicha is always looking for moose and squirrel! When she started she was going by Natasha and didn't have a last name. Everyone around her was French and English and she wanted to be something different that recognized her Slavic heritage. Nastas'ia is a derivative of Anastasia and it means Christmas born. Volkovicha means daughter of the wolf because she identifies with wolves.


Nastas'ia plays a 1500's Russian woman from the Moscow area. There was a gorgeous Spanish merchant who came through and stole her away and she travels with him trading goods.

Heraldry Story


Nastas'ia's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Aten Principal Herald - 2021
  • Estrella War Keeper of the Regalia - 2021
  • Estrella War Hospitality Coordinator - 2020
  • Fireball Herald (ceremonies) -2019
  • Estrella War Parking Coordinator - 2015
  • Royal Lady/Lord In Waiting -2014
  • Minister of the Lists - 2013
  • Estrella War Parking Coordinator - 2013
  • Estrella War Deputy Motorpool Coordinator - 2013
  • Estrella War Motorpool Coordinator - 2012

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Chatelaine of Sun Dragon - 2006

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