Lyn of Whitewolfe

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
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Duchess Lyn of Whitewolfe
Resides: Barony of Atenveldt
Status: Active
Lyn of Whitewolf heraldry.png
Gules, a pile wavy bendwise issuant from sinister base between two roundels argent each charged with a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, for augmentation in canton a sunburst Or issuant from clouds argent.

Mother's Day, 1971. I went to a huge demo that was a combined effort of the Firebird Festival artists, pipe and drums from Arizona Highlanders Association and the Kingdom of Atenveldt. I met a marvelous woman named Cherie de Jardins who told me all about the magic and wonder of the Society. I watched a dynamic speaker in a gorgeous red houppelande (Michael of Moria) deliver what I always called his "sermon on the mount" in which he introduced the SCA to the crowd. My first event as a participant was at a camping event at Ralph Jarson's home a few months later.

What activities do you like to do in the SCA? What are your main pursuits?

Are you part of a household?

What are you future goals for the SCA?

What's in a Name

I had a different one, once upon a time, but no one ever used it and I wouldn't have turned around if they called me by it. My husband called me "Lyn", so that is what I finally changed it to. The Whitewolfe part was because the love of our lives after our baby girl was a gorgeous white Samoyed named Kefla, who always attended with us at outdoor events. I think people knew her and my daughter before they knew us


As for my persona, while loosely based on 12th Century Norman, I really feel like my persona is the further adventures of me ~ who I am and what I have done in the SCA. I never was interested in creating a fictitious character. My alternate persona's device is Per saltire sable and azure, a windmill and an orle Or, meant to honor Don Quixote, forever charging windmills.

Heraldry Story

I really did it because someone told me you couldn't get roses registered and I couldn't resist the challenge. I chose roses to represent my two (at that time) reigns as queen of Atenveldt and because I love roses


Lyn's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions

Kingdom of Atenveldt

  • Kingdom Media Officer - 2007
  • Queen - 1983
  • Queen - 1977

    Kingdom of Caid

  • Queen - 1990

    Barony of Atenveldt

  • Art and Sciences Champion - 2019
  • Herald - 2019

    Principality of the Sun

  • Princess - 1997

    Principality of Atenveldt

  • Princess - 1977

    Arts and Sciences

    I won the Baronial Arts and Sciences competition for Atenveldt. My favorite piece was a messenger bag embroidered with a pelican. I have made a couple of others as elevation gifts. I've made a lot of largess in my time, not just for my own group, but other baronies as well. I think far more powerful than awards are simple thank you's and little gifts of remembrance. They mean a lot to me to receive them and I think they do to others, as well.

    Martial Arts

    Believe it or not, yes. We had a tournament that we called the "Untournament". In order to enter, you must never have fought before. It was all very silly, but lots of fun and we all learned a lot from it. I was in the finals against a guy about six four and I was terrified. All the guys were extraordinarily supportive and just said, "As soon as the marshal calls lay-on, just hit him right between the eyes as hard as you can." As soon as the lay on was called, someone who shall remain nameless shouted out something rude and the guy turned to look at him. I jumped up and hit him right between the eyes. He stood there in shock as I was carried off by the cheering guys. It was totally unfair and he should have creamed me. But it was all in fun.

    Events Ran

    I have always loved to throw the party. We didn't call it "stewarding" in those days; it was autocrating. My first attempt was Kingdom Twelfth Night. I cried through most of it because everything wasn't perfectly executed as planned. I over scheduled meaning a lot of planned activities never happened. Michael of Moria put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Listen to them. They are all laughing and having a ball." It was my delight to throw another party for the Barony's Fiftieth Anniversary, the December before the "Great Quarantine". I am so glad I had the opportunity.

    Other Volunteering

    I think I have probably done it all at one time or another; sometimes because I wanted to and sometimes because someone had to do it and I was there. I have washed dishes, dug ditches, moved hay bales and pitched tents. Unlike some folks I know, I have never stolen a golf cart, but I may have been involved in a few (ahem) practical jokes. I love to teach, so yes to that. I have only had one protégé, but I have mentored more people than I can count. That's my job. Formal relationships are not required or always appropriate.

    Classes Taught

  • Like/Dislikes

    Bourbon and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. Flowers and great food are also welcome.


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