Kolfinna the Quiet

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Kolfinna the Quiet
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Kolfinna the Quiet heraldry.png
Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a bend sinister wavy between a rose and a dog couchant argent.

Kolfinna started playing in 2006 when she attended at Estrella War. She was invited out to the War by her friend, Cassandra la Schrevein. For a long time she only participated at Estrella War, but she did teach some bead stringing classes. Kolfinna started to get more involved with the SCA when she attended her first Battlemoor, which was also the first Battlemoor ever in about 2010. That was when a friend took her under her wing and started to help by volunteering, including being the Events Coordinator at Estrella. Kolfinna played for several years in Twin Moons, but now lives in Sun Dragon and is part of the Horny Horses Household.

Kolifinna is well-known within the kingdom for her jewelry making, but also enjoys sewing, painting scrolls, knitting, thrown weapons, and drumming. She also does metal working, primarily for jewelry. Kolfinna likes to give back to her barony through largess and service as well.

What's in a Name

Previously known as Rose the Jeweler, Kolfinna changed her name about 2016. Her original name was rejected and she ended up going with Rose the Jeweler, because people had a different assumption about her jewelry making than primarily beading. Kolfinna (pronounced koal-FEE-na) because she wanted to have a Norse name. Her last name is "the Quiet" because she is relatively shy and soft spoken.


Kolfina wanted to have a Viking persona because it was intriguing. However, she will also just wear more general garb depending on her mood.

Heraldry Story

Kolfinna's original heraldry was 3 trees, with a green bordure with the ermine in the background. She picked it because she liked trees, however, she ended up changing it to a rose with a dog because the rose was reflective of her name and the dog was in memorandum of her dog Pepe and purple and green were her favorite colors.


Kolfinna's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Estrella War Deputy Special Events Coordinator - 2012
  • Lady-in-Waiting for Damiana McDade - 2013

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Deputy Exchequer - 2020
  • Thrown Weapons Champion - 2018

    Arts and Sciences

  • Made matching necklaces for Lord and Lady of Love prizes - 2019
  • Helped to paint Barony walls representing her Household - 2019
  • Donated jewelry largess to Sun Dragon
  • Made glass beads - 2016
  • Tooled leather belt favors for Quarter Moon Tournament - 2015
  • Made a heraldic dress for coronation with with Viking embroidery on the edge - 2014
  • Russian embroidery on a bookmark - 2014
  • Beaded cup covers for Tristian and Damiana as stepping down gifts at Coronation - 2013
  • Has painted a lot of scrolls for both Twin Moons, Sun Dragon, and Kingdom

    Kolfinna's Crafty Things

    Martial Arts

  • Started doing thrown weapons 2014
  • Became thrown weapons Champion for Sun Dragon in 2018
  • Hosted several thrown weapons tournaments for Barony of Sun Dragon

    Other Volunteering

  • Set up and take down at events
  • Has done watch at Estrella
  • Helped at set up and take down at Estrella War - 2012
  • Gate at Estrella 2019 as Exchequer
  • Various other volunteering

    Classes Taught

  • Bead stringing at Estrella - 2008-2012
  • Bead stringing at Southern


  • Facebook: Mundane: Cheryl Meadows