Jacquelin de Normandie

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
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Dame Jackie
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Jacquelin de Normandie heraldry.png
Azure, a rose argent barbed vert, on a chief embattled argent three roses azure barbed vert.

Jackie started playing in the SCA in 1988 while she was stationed on Guam. Her first event was Solstice 1989 with the Lost Canton on the World's Edge in the Kingdom of the West. She was the founding Seneschal. Jackie was looking for a Dungeon's and Dragon's group and saw a bunch of people sitting around wearing garb and weapons. She went over and started talking to them and got wrapped up in the game. She started out as a "stick jockey" and has expanded her interests after that. When she left Guam, she landed in Kingman, AZ, and found no SCA group there. Along with several others, founded the Shire of Windale as the seneschal. Jackie is the wife of his Lordship Gefroi Le Gris.

Initially Jackie started out with hard suit and she had ambitions of being a knight. However, as she learned more about the SCA her interest changed. Jackie does needlework, cooking and "dabbling." She is very dedicated to doing service both by taking offices and with giving back to her barony and kingdom. Jackie enjoys trying new things and adventures.

Jackie is a part of the Manoir de la Blanche Fleur (aka Manor Rose) and is a founder and Matriarch of the Household.

Jackie is Pelican in the SCA and she is also belted to a laurel, Mistress Alianora Alexandra da Lyshåret. She is wanting to get back to doing more cooking. Her passion is to encourage new people in the SCA to find their interests.

What's in a Name

Jacquelin de Normandie - she always loved the name Jacquelin and felt like it was a strong female name. When she was on Guam and the seneschal most of the people there were Saxon, so she decided to use the last name of "de Normandie" to show that she was ruling over all the Saxon's in her canton (at the time). Also the garb was easy to make, T-Tunics and Gates of Hell.


Jackie's persona is 10th century Norman. Her father is Baron Nooka who was a Danish Viking and her mother is Baroness Gilda Nookaswife, a French lady.

Heraldry Story

Jackie just really liked the embattlement. Her favorite colors are blue and white. Her white rose represents her and the 3 blue roses represents her 3 girls. Jackie has always felt that she has an affinity to roses.


Jackie's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions

Kingdom Atenveldt

  • Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • Emergency Deputy Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Minister of the Rolls
  • Deputy Minister of the Rolls

    Estrella War

  • Gatebook 2 years
  • Collegium 2 years
  • Arts and Science Competition 2 years
  • Hospitality 7 years

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Bard of Sundragon
  • Arts & Sciences Champion (2xs)
  • Deputy Seneschal
  • Exchequer
  • Minister of Arts and Science
  • Deputy Herald

    Shire of Windale

  • Seneschal
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Chronicler

    College of Brymstonne

  • Seneschal

    The Lost Canton on the World's Edge

  • Seneschal

    Events Ran

  • Solstice on Guam for the Canton - 1989
  • Mixed Weapons War - 2019
  • Crown Tournament in Windale
  • Arts and Science Collegium in Windale (2xs)
  • Art and Science Competition for Barony of Sun Dragon (2xs)
  • Ran hospitality for Highlands - 2010
  • Ran pancake breakfast at Mixed Weapons War for 15 years
  • Has done the Traveler's Fair dinner at Sun Dragon's Champions for 3 years

    Other Volunteering

  • Watch/gate at Estrella
  • Set up and clean up at multiple of events
  • Volunteered to drive the populace from Windale to bring them to events
  • Judging at A & S competitions when she wasn't competing
  • Judging A & S competitions at Estrella War
  • Cooked at 3 Baronial dinners at Estrella War
  • Pre-War Estrella Set up - 3 years
  • Lady-In-Waiting for Duchess Mary Rose
  • Various volunteering as needed

    Mentor/Classes Taught

  • Mentored Barony of Sun Dragon's Youth for Renman Event
  • How to Read and Make Runes at Estrella War
  • How to Read Tarrochi (Tarot cards) at Estrella War
  • Cooking classes at Estrella
  • How to make hypocras (spiced, mulled wine) at Estrella War
  • How to play chaturanga (precursor to chess)


  • Facebook: Mundane:Julie Alvino