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Hrafnheim Encampment
Founded: Nov 2009
Status: Active
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Gules, a raven displayed, on a chief invected argent three Ukrainian trident heads gules..

Hrafnheim Banners in the Breeze

Who We Are

Hrafnheim is a household that is primarily based in The Barony of Tir Ysgithr but have members and initiates all over Atenveldt. Our arms are registered as: Gules, a raven displayed, on a chief invected argent three Ukrainian trident heads gules.

The household is matriarchal and led by Duchess Asa Hrafnsdóttir and Duchess Ian'ka Ivanovna zhena P'trovitsa. The Duchesses keep the Dukes aka Duke Eduard Gostomski and Duke Ivan Petrovitch from getting too overboard with our period encampment.

What We Do

Though the original vision of the household, which started to take root the Dukes heads in 2008, was to be a fighting household what has actually happened is that we are makers, and patrons of the arts. During Estrella and other events we teach classes on various topics from period woodworking, period metalcraft, naälbinding, bone carving, calligraphy and illumination, research and documentation, brewing, period cooking and so much more.

How to Find Us

We are online with a colorful Instagram Hrafnheim on IG, you can follow us there or by the following #hrafnheim.

When we are at in person events look for a large white dragonwing style tent with large banners out front with the red back ground with the white raven. If you see a person walking with a red cloak with a large white raven that is one of our members as well and you can chat them up.

If its a camping event, look for a large period camp with two A-Frame firepits and tons of banners.

Hrafnheim Crown Setup Spring 2020

Members and Initiates

Members (Cloak Bearers)