Horny Horses Household

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Horny Horses Encampent
Founded: 2007
Status: Active
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Azure, two sea-unicorns erect addorsed regardant tails entwined argent armed Or.

The Horny Horse Household was established in 2007, by Lady Aurora Faw, her husband Lord Philippe de Dauphiné, her Aunt Lady Cassandra Bakere the Chiugeron and Lady Aleezah. Previously, members had camped with the Vermin household, which unfortunately went defunked. The Horny Horse Household members are primarily located in the Baronies of Sun Dragon and Tir Ysgithr.

Horny Horses has been kid friendly and often hosts the kids of the knowne world in their encampment. They are know for epic DnD and other role playing games.

What's in a name?

This household name was created very tounge-in-cheek. Lady Aurora, who loves unicorns and knowing that they are period, suggested the name to encourage the male members of the household to adopt a unicorn as the household emblem.


Originally this household started with 2 main families that participated in SCA events and enjoy camping together. We primarily have people who dance, drum, participate in archery and thrown weapons, and like to hang out and have fun. We are welcoming of newcomers and help provide them with garb, food, and camping equipment.


  • Lady Cassandra Bakere the Chirurgeon is recognized as the Matriarch of the Household
  • Lady Aurora Faw
  • Lord Philippe de Dauphiné
  • m'lord Gareth
  • m'lady Emma
  • m'lord Asher Stark (commonly known as "Bubbles")
  • m'lady Mindy
  • Lady Aleezah al-Shamikha
  • Lady Tiriza
  • Lord Ryan
  • m'lord Hayden
  • m'lord Zander
  • Lady Kolfinna the Quiet
  • Lord Lucien Le Deschargéeur
  • Lord Wolffgang von Luxemburg


    At Estrella War the household boast 25-30 members who attend. There is no specific requirements for Membership in the household other than show up and help out. The current members nominate those who have shown hard work and dedication. In return we provide meals and a fun camping environment. The Horny Horses do not limit what other households that you may participate with or join.


    Contact Lady Aurora Faw