Clan Celtic Sun

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Celtic Sun Encampent
Founded: 1993
Status: Active
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Celtic Sun Banner

It was a warm day in the Kingdom of Atenveldt when I, Newly Knighted Sir William Flanagan, and my First Wife Amya Flanagan had decided to gather friends over for food, drinks, and Laughter. Around the mundane year 1993. At this Gathering, we decided that a place for friends and chosen family could have a place they call home. Leaders of the Clan would be Sir William Flanagan and Amya Flanagan.


Clan Celtic Sun Founders; Gunnar, Kyran O’Connor, Raven Mayne, Lance Gunn (Traylor), Rob, Gudrun and Klause.

What's in a name

Many names of the Clan were thought of but we agreed on Clan Celtis Sun. the Flames of the sun represent the different households that have come together to create the raw power of the sun. That year we Gathered at Estrella war. Raven Brought in Lord Richard and his house of the Silver Moon. Along the way we also had Uncle bad, Lord Eric da Bald, Lady Lynette, M’Lord Jeff, Lord Lance, Lord Li, and Lord Balor.

Current Official Members

  • William Flanagan
  • Drahomira von Augsburg
  • Kyran O’Concubair
  • Gudrun Bogsveigir aka Gudrun the Red
  • Haakon Mjoksiglandi
  • Raven Mayne
  • Ritchyrd McUath
  • Eric the Bald
  • Baylor -Gallchobar macc Faelchon
  • Haley Óláfsdóttir
  • jorn Haakonson aka Bjorn the Tip-less
  • Corbàn Maculaghlagh
  • Kaeli Dowellell
  • M Cat Grasse
  • Kelsvs Firenze
  • Tyler Christopherson
  • Jason Nimz
  • Jared Palmer
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