Haukr Bjarnarson

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
THL Haukr Bjarnarson photographer = Sigríðr Úlfsdóttir de Lacy)
Resides: Barony of Twin Moons
Status: Active
Haukr Bjarnarson.png
Argent, a bear dormant contourny gules and a ford proper.


Haukr (pronounced like "hawk") is a first generation SCA member whose primary focus is the fighting arts of rapier, archery, cut and thrust, and armored combat alongside sewing garb, tablet weaving, and leather-working. He was made a rapier cadet to Don Wyllym McLeod at Estrella War in March of 2012. Later he was raised to join the ranks of the White Scarves of Atenveldt in October of 2016.

He is a member of House Hrafnheim, a former member of the House of Dancing Goats, and is the self-declared leader of the Gullinbursti Warband.

Haukr joined the SCA through the College of Saint Felix in 2009 and now resides in the Barony of Twin Moons.

Prior names: William of Lochridge.

Haukr at Fall Crown Tournament 2018
Haukr fighting QRC Fall 2015
Haukr at Boast and Toast (BTY) 2016
Haukr at Deed of Swords 2015
Haukr at Estrella 2015


Haukr has a primarily Viking/Norse persona designed around seaborne raiders that made the journey from their homeland to England. As part of that persona he has made journeys across seas and rivers as far as Constantinople and Andalusia, explaining his fondness for desert style caftans while in desert climates.

Awards, Offices, and Other Positions

Haukr's Order of Precedence.

Additional (non-OP) Projects and Non Warranted Positions

  • Regular attendance to the College of Saint Felix Fighter Practice
  • Served among the ranks of the dastardly Rogue Noir
  • Through skill in archery, slew the mighty Chagon


  • Sword & Buckler for Rapier and Cut & Thrust with Don Haukr Bjarnarson - watch [1]
  • As a White Scarf of Atenveldt, Don Haukr is available for instruction in the Rapier Arts and Courtly Graces to any who may ask for guidance.
  • As a member of the Luxbruder of Atenveldt he is also available for those who wish to learn the noble and lordly art of killing people with a sword. As a member of the Guardians of Atenveldt he is a skilled tactician and field commander, willing to step in and fulfill any such roles should his Kingdom have need.


  • Sewing
  • Embroidery
  • Tablet Weaving
  • Leatherworking
  • Armor-making