Gregoire le Gris

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Lordship Gregoire
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Gregoire le Gris heraldry.png
Or, an eel erect embowed counterembowed, a chief embattled azure.

Gregoire started playing in in 1975 in MidRealm, but didn't officially become a member until 1997. His first event was Estrella War in 1997. Initially he was just playing kind of hit or miss, but started to get serious in 1997 when he moved to Kingman and he and his son started fighting there. Gregoire is married to Dame Jacquelin de Normandie

Gregoire started off with making armor and metal working. He participated in fighting and then moved to combat archery. He's also done archery. He has also Gregoire has always had a passion for illumination on scrolls and did that for many years. He eventually also got into calligraphy. Gregoire also got involved in heraldry and helping to design devices. Later on he started getting heavily into cooking, including feasts, breakfasts, and soup kitchens. He is so famous (or infamous) that the populace yells "cheese" when his name is called in court due to his delicious cheeses he shares with us.

Gregoire is part of the Manoir de la Blanche Fleur (aka Manor Rose) household and is a founding member. He is also a member of the Lost Tribes. Gregoire is also a member of the Dark Horde.

Gregoire belted to a laurel, Mistress Alianora Alexandra da Lyshåret and was also belted to a pelican, Master Leif the Wanderer, who is unfortunately deceased. He hoped to make a peerage someday, but is happy doing the things that make him happy.

What's in a Name

Gregoire le Gris - since he was playing Norman, he took his mundane name and converted it to the French version. Le Gris is taken from an early Norman duke because he used to disguise himself to walk among his people to see who was plotting against him.


Gregoire plays a 10th century Norman because they are the "bastards of the world". They conquered where ever they could.

Heraldry Story

Gregoire picked the eel because it was in his actual family's heraldry, representing a port/seafaring people. He likes the colors blue and gold. He does have the augmentation of arms and will eventually add cheese to his device.


Gregoire's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions

Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Dexter Herald
  • Prism Herald
  • Baronial Signet
  • Baronial Archery Champion
  • Arts and Sciences Defender

    Shire of Windale

  • Seneschal
  • Knight Marshall

    Arts and Sciences

  • Has done numerous scrolls with both illumination and calligraphy
  • Has participated in numerous Kingdom and Barony competitions
  • Made cheeses from scratch that were found in period
  • Made period sausages and roasts
  • Made period sauces
  • Made armor, shields, and swords
  • Made arrows and his own bow
  • Participated in cooking displays at Estrella
  • Entered illumination into artists displays at Estrella
  • Made hypocras (mulled, spiced wine)
  • Did king's sigils for Duke Craven

    Martial Arts

  • Participated in hardsuit fighting
  • Has done siege weapons
  • Was the commander of the Archers at Estrella War
  • Participated in archery
  • Made moving targets for Estrella War for target archery
  • Has done thrown weapons

    Events Ran

  • Site autocrat for Mixed Weapons - 2019
  • Ran the Galic Games event for Shire of Windale
  • Ran pancake breakfast at Mixed Weapons War for 15 years
  • Has done the Traveler's Fair dinner at Sun Dragon's Champions for 3 years
  • Ran/set up the Royal Kitchen for Estrella - 2019

    Other Volunteering

  • Judged at Arts and Sciences competitions
  • Watch/gate at Estrella
  • Pre-War Watch at Estrella
  • Set up and clean up at multiple of events
  • Was guard for Duke Craven
  • Watch at Highlands War
  • Various volunteering as needed

    Mentoring/Classes Taught

  • How to make cheese classes at Kingdom Collegium and for Sun Dragon
  • Illumination classes on black and white work at Kingdom Collegium
  • How to do Combat Archery at Estrella War
  • On early Normand dukes class at Estrella War
  • How to make various armor in Windale
  • Has done a lot of individual mentoring in illumination and calligraphy


  • Facebook: Mundane:Greg Alvino