Giuliana Francesca Bellini

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
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Giuliana Francesca Bellini
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
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Checky sable and argent, a bend sinister azure

General Info

I'm too old to remember when I started playing. I think my first event was in the Kingdom of Artemisia, Uprising War. I can still sing the Artemisian theme song, but I don't recommend you ask me to do so. I'm interested in the SCA because I am a total, unapologetic geek. And also because I'm incredibly socially awkward, and no one here cares. Ok, fine, I admit it, I love to play dress-up. Are you happy now?!

Resume Info

I like to drink, but I probably shouldn't admit that here. I do archery (but only sober, I promise), some A&S (but I never really know what to put in the documentation), and I super love dancing of all types (now if I could just squeeze into my belly dance garb). My main pursuit is a fine meal with even finer people, and in the SCA I can have both.


I chose Giuliana from a history book, because I thought it sounded snooty enough for me to wear some really cool garb. I chose Francesca because I've always like that name, and I still remember some French from high school. I choose Bellini because of Giovanni (Renaissance Venetian painter, for those who haven't met him). My persona is late 15th century Venetian merchant. That way I can wear all the clothes. All of them! My device is a running fox on a saltire, looking back over its shoulder with a red ball in its mouth. (If you know anything about the Medici, it's a taunting reference to them.)

Arts and Sciences

I'm only happy when I'm creating. I've done tons of A&S projects, ranging from a handmade broom to Ukrainian eggs. My favorite was site tokens for the investiture of a beloved Baron and Baroness, which included glow-in-the-dark sheep. Don't ask.

Fighting info

I've been known to blight the archery field. Again, always sober. Can't stress that enough. Even when I was out there in my underwear, I was sober. I'm currently a Forester.

Service Info

I jump in wherever I can. Setting up, tearing down, teaching, intoxicating bards. Probably shouldn't have mentioned that last one.


Please no deceased creatures. If you offer me a small portion of fish, I'm going to need several bottles of wine and a small terrier who will eat the fish for me.


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