Ellisif Eldr Grimsdottir

From Kingdom of Atenveldt

I started attending events in 1996, with a short break a couple of times. Mundanely, I am an educator/author with degrees in Nursing, Psychology and a Doctorate in World Shamanism. I'm a voracious reader, foodie, love the cinema, and embroider quite a lot. I also love to travel and hike a bit. If needle work or discussions on anything esoteric is happening, that's where I'll be.


Resides: Barony of Granite Mountain
Status: Active
Ellisif Eldr Grimsdottir.png


I am a 9th c. Swedish seer-woman from Birka.

I have entered a number of contests and won a few. Recently someone wanted to "commission" me to do some embroidery; a high honor.


My op Record

Things I have done in the SCA

I have worked at all levels from canton to kingdom, and received awards at each level. I haveĀ  hosted a number of events in the past, and volunteered a lot, at wars and kingdom events. Now I am primarily interested in the Arts. Currently I am most proud of being a member of The Order of The Roots, and The Order of The Beauty in Granite Mountain. I also received a "Bee" for 100 days of service.

Over the years, I have been a lady in waiting, an exchequer, A&S Minister, a Chirurgeon, & an interim Seneschal.


I like anything to do with embroidery, & books on Nordic spirituality.