Edward Harrison

From Kingdom of Atenveldt
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Lord Edward
Resides: Barony of Sun Dragon
Status: Active
Edward harrison heraldry.gif
Quarterly, azure and sable, an eagle and a base indented argent.

Edward started playing the SCA in 2003. He started off with attending fighter practices with Sun Dragon. His first event was Estrella War 2004. He had a friend who he knew for several years who was a part of the SCA and he and his wife were looking for a hobby they could do together. They hunted down the group that was playing on the West Side of the Valley and never looked back. Edward is part of the Household, County Winterborne.

Edward enjoys the martials arts with the SCA, hard suit, rapier, archery, and thrown weapons and is his main staple for playing. He has made a lot of armor for hard suit fighting. He also is finding a love for serving, like autocrating events. Edward has dabbled in the arts such as scribing and bardic. He is also wanting to expand his interests into blacksmithing.

Edward is squired to Count Brian Winterborne in 2018 and hopes to obtain knighthood someday. He wants to work his way up the ranks and hopefully serve as Crown one day.

What's in a Name

His name Edward Harrison, his family name is also his mundane name and was traced back to our period. He also really identified with Edward, the Black Prince of Wales, and that is where he got his first name from. In 2006, he was able to go to England and visit the grave of the Black Prince.


Lord Edward plays mid 14th century English. But has been known to wear garb outside of his persona time-frame occasionally.

Heraldry Story

Lord Edward the eagle is represented in his family name (although a different color). The sable and azure are his favorite colors. The indented argent base is meant to represent the eagle soaring over mountains.


Edward's Order of Precedence

Offices & Positions


  • Estrella War Deputy Special Needs/Shuttles Coordinator - 6-2020
  • Marshal - Armored Combat - 2019 to present

    Barony of Sun Dragon

  • Seneschal - 2020 to present
  • Overall Champion - 2019-2020
  • Deputy Herald - 2008

    Marital Arts

    Hard Suit

  • Started doing hard suit 2003
  • Won the Barony of Sun Dragon - Caveman Tourney
  • Won some of the Baronial Tournaments
  • Made armor for at least 6 to 9 newer armored combat fighters.


  • Started archery in approximately 2006-2007
  • Participated in numerous tournaments
  • Did a bunny shoot and had combat archers shoot at them on the field and people won prizes for "killing" them
  • Made, fletched, and painted arrows


  • Started rapier summer of 2019, trained by Leo the Red, Robert the Silent, and Diego - this was in preparation to Baronial Champion's event
  • Would like to continue when the plague allows us to return to playing in person

    Thrown Weapon

  • Started rapier summer of 2019, this was in preparation to Baronial Champion's event
  • Enjoyed the axes immensely and does own his own set of throwing knives

    Events Ran

  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Fabric War - 2019
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Solstice - 2019
  • Barony of Sun Dragon - Central War Practice and Polling - 2020

    Arts and Sciences

  • Fabricated 14th century bascinet helm for himself - 2008
  • Painted silk banner for a knight with heraldry – 2009
  • Created largess for Barony of Mons Tonitrus Group of leather key fobs with the populace badge on it
  • Illuminated multiple scrolls for Kingdom
  • Competed in Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts and Science Competition with a scroll - 2007
  • Created and donated largess of semi-precious set stone necklaces to the Barony of Sun Dragon – 2019
  • Made 4 leather books with book binding and has some other special projects pending
  • Brewed mead of all types including honey, cherry, peach, hydromel, spiced, dry, sweet, dessert meads
  • Showing of meads was done at Estrella – 2019
  • Competed in the Barony of Sun Dragon Arts and Science Competition at Champion’s Event with mead – 2019


  • Edited and published the Kingdom of Atenveldt Dance Off Video - summer 2020
  • Created, edited, and published The #BasicKnightsStuff Videos - summer 2020
  • Created, edited, and published "A Limerick History of Early Atenveldt Queens" - January 2021

    Other Volunteering

  • Baronial guard duties
  • Set up and take down for Barony of Sun Dragon events
  • Pre-War set up for Estrella War for Hospitality - 2019-2020
  • Done watch and roving at Estrella War

    Classes Taught

  • Taught newbies on armored-combat fighting and safety basics
  • Historical and modern ways of making jerky with meat - 2010/2011


  • Email: Edward Harrison
  • Facebook: Mundane - Joshua Harrison